London Fashion Capital Of The World!

Is it true! London has overtaken New York as the fashion capital of the world for 2011? Well so it seems if we are to believe the results of a survey by Global Language Monitor.

They are a media analytics company that documents, analyses and tracks trends in language the world over. This includes phrases and words which appear in social media, print and electronic media.

As someone always running around London and New York – where I have to endure bad hair days due to the regularity of rain in London, whilst ruining precious diva heels on the sidewalks of New York. I’ve always felt London was number one – just based on the range and diversity of its street chic. No I’m not biased ;)

Above, trendsetter Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Its being suggested that London has taken the top spot from New York for a number of reasons:

1. The Royal Wedding: This was the most fashion forward royal wedding ever. It was a mix of devilish hats and shoes, colours and vogue. Yes the congregation really made a statement be it good kudos to Phillipa Middleton or bad – do I need to remind you of Posh Spice.

2. Kate Middleton: Since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been a trendsetting fashionista. In my opinion she still has some way to go before she can topple Princess Di. But I have to admit she is off to a great start.

3. Alexander McQueen: The death of the fabulous British designer Alexander McQueen this year, has also impacted London’s rise.

British Designer Alexander McQueen is pictured above.

As I return to London for Carnaby Catwalk, High Street Fashion Week, Vogues Fashion Night Out and the fantabulous London Fashion Week. I’m pretty certain London will remain the fashion capital of the world…Okay! I may be slightly biased now ;)

Pictured above are a few of Alexander McQueen’s creations.

Below are the Top Ten cities according to the survey. The number in brackets illustrates their previous position.

1. London (3)
2. New York (1)
3. Paris (4)
4. Milan (6)
5. Los Angeles (5)
6. Hong Kong (2)
7. Barcelona (10)
8. Singapore (15)
9. Tokyo (14)
10. Berlin (18)

Totally agree with the Top 4, but not in that particular order. The only position I would not change would be London at number 1 :)

Where do you think the fashion capital of the world is? And please don’t forget to tell us why?

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