Style Week Jamaica Review Pt 1.

Saint International’s Style Week Jamaica 2012 came to an end on Sunday but not without showcasing some fabulous fashion over the weekend. So lets talk about the International Mens Collection first.

On the 25th May at Devon House, Kingston we were treated to a mens fashion extravaganza. Andre Shirley, Shades of Africa, Balla Shawn, White Skyy and Rick B were the designers that showcased their amazing talents in Formal Gardens. Pictured below are some of the creations.

One of Andre Shirley's menswear pieces.

White Skyy's collection was a mix of casual & tailored pieces.

Rick B celebrated Jamaica's 50th in a number of his casual pieces.

As you can see from the pictures the collections encompassed high end tailored garments and on trend casual wear. Sophia Max-Brown also presented on the night garments made by designers such as Michael Kors. Her presentation had individuals such as the Hon. Damian Crawford and Brian Schmidt walking for charity. The audience found it all, thoroughly entertaining.

On Saturday night Style Week took us to Fort Charles, Port Royal, International Mecca of Style. Yola Gray opened the fashion festivities, followed by Nina‘s detailed and sexy crochet pieces. Cecilia Davena presented some figure hugging, vibrant pieces and Andre Shirley surprised the audience with a youthful & very wearable collection.

A Jamaica 50 inspired piece by Cecilia Davena

The patrons were then treated to up and coming talents from UTECH. As some students presented mini collections. This was followed by designs from Courtney Washington, Elaine Dyer’s beautiful day & evening wear. Donovan Depass, a designer that trained with Vera Wang closed off this segment of the show, with some amazing silhouettes.

Courtney Washington's Jamaica 50 inspired creation.

A gorgeous piece by Donovan Depass.

After an intermission we were onto the final segment of the show. Neah Lis, La Quan, Franz Christie, Tasha of T&T Fashions, Coco Johnson and Kevin O’Brien all graced the runway. Loved Neah Lis’s fluid shapes and bold use of colour with the black. (As pictured below).

L.A. designer Coco Johnson’s creations were to die for. Yes I did see a few that I’ve definitely got my eye on ;) Kevin O’Brien closed the show paying homage to Jamaica’s 50th with an all white collection. It was absolutely stunning!

Neah Lis designs utilised bold, abstract colour.

Celebrity deisgner Coco Johnson's creations were fabulous.

One of Kevin O'Brien's inspirational pieces.

I thoroughly enjoyed the two nights of fashion and have to applaud the creativity and talent of  all the designers that participated. Log on tomorrow to check out the Fashion Block.

You can also log on to to see more images and much more detail regarding Saint International’s, Style Week Jamaica 2012.


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