Preparation to go to Antarctica!

Yes we are Antarctic bound! But with these things, you can never be ‘too prepared’ so we are still in pre-prep mode.  As mentioned before, we have colour-coded EVERYTHING and even now my hands HURT! as I have been sewing on brown patches, and stars on everything! Who knew that the preparation for Antarctica would involve so much sewing?

But there is more. On top of having to distinguish our gear from each other’s, we have to sew on extra patches to deal with the extremities of the Antarctic climate. Every season, clothing manufacturers try to deal with new information and innovation by explorers. But they are still often behind the curve. I have just finished sewing fleece patches on my thermal underwear. No thermal underwear we have seen so far has extra fleece on the thighs. There is a condition known as the ‘Antarctic thigh’ – severe frostbite/irritation on the front of thighs. It is believed to be due to the thighs facing the onslaught of Antarctic wind which blows towards those going towards the South Pole.


Then there is the issue of batteries, which fail in the extreme cold, necessitating battery pockets on your thermal underlayers – to keep batteries warm and working. I have kangaroo pockets on both my thermal shirts and on my thermal pants. Yes, you have to set that ipod on random and prepare not to touch it for the rest of the day – or go through three to four layers of clothing to make a song change!

There are also the elastic loops on gloves. Antarctica is windy! No glove should be worn there unless in some way attached to you or prepare to lose it. So I sewed on elastic loops to attach it to my big fleecy jacket.

Man I’m sure I can make a living sewing when I’m done with all this!  The anticipation and preparation pains continue and the fact that I’m actually on the way gives a sweet adrenaline rush.  I live for your little comments and encouragement as I journey on. Continue following my trek in the Flair and online at  and  See you again on November 30, 2009.



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