The Cold Room

What do you know? It’s almost that time. Pretty soon I’ll be south bound and missing Jamaica for days, weeks and months on end.  I really never thought the time would come so quickly, but ever since returning from New Zealand, I realized I had just 6 weeks before departure for the South Pole.  Since then I have watched the days going by, counting down somewhat excited, somewhat sad.

Kim Marie with Pulk2

I have also been forced to increase the acclimatization aspect of my training which I do via freezer sessions. It is the most interesting part of my training as I have to do what no sensible Jamaican will do – sit in a cold freezer for over an hour! I know, I can already see the shock on your face.

So occasionally, I go to sit in the huge Crazy Jim freezers. I even have a backup option – Wisynco (through WATA and Nature Valley).  The freezer is – 20 below zero. In case you were wondering, that is VERY cold!

Sitting in the freezer is more for your mind than your body. It is to know what below zero feels like. The numb skin- if left exposed. The toes and fingers that feel like frozen fins. The clarity of the mind – when the body finds itself in a dangerous situation! Despite all this happening, you have to remain personable, alert and confident. It is this that will be the difference between success and failure in the Antarctic – mental strength.

What’s worse is that below zero temperatures does not just disappear once you leave for a warm place.  After extended periods, I sometimes run hot and cold for a week!

Now I am packing for departure – on to Chile and then to Antarctica. The day is drawing nigh – 9 days and counting! So one last freezer session planned! I will surely miss Jamaica, my family and friends and even though I complain about how hot it is these days, I’ll surely miss the sun.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated though so check back here on November 9 where you’ll hear about my arrival in Chile.  You can follow my story at

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Kim-Marie has since arrived in Chile and is on her way to Antarctica.

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