The Goodbye

No more Fridays before the South Pole! To borrow from MJ, this is it!  In 3 days I go.

I have been visualizing and trying to imagine Antarctica and You Tube definitely helps! I’ve watched countless videos, some so serene and others make horrific seem like an understatement.  I have been trying to say goodbye to Jamaica by capturing aspects of my life here on video. The tyre pulls, the workouts, the runs, the questions people ask, the curious school children, Devon House, Knutsford Boulevard and the like. I realize many of last rituals revolve around food – my last vegetarian  pizza slice; my last scoop of coffee ice cream; Nature Valley Oats n Honey bars in yoghurt cups; and my last vegetable patty. Then I watch shows that I will miss – like Everybody Hates Chris, Monk and Direct. I even had a goodbye event – the Frozen Goodbye last Sunday at the Stanley & Empress Boutique.

But there is another agonizing goodbye any endurance athlete will recognize – the tapering. You have to start training less. It is to rest you up for the big agonizing event. However, you feel sluggish and tired now that you are doing less, except when working out. I never thought the day would come when I would say this – but I am longing for a 10-mile run!

KIm 2_new

I still want to enjoy your support even while on the way to the South Pole! As you know this blog is available online at or in print in the Flair – keep sending the messages of support! You can also follow the entire team at The Journey has begun!! Jamaica to the World!!

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More on arrival in Chile when you check back here on November 16. You can follow my story at

Contributions to Kim-Marie’s expedition can be made at Jamaica National account no. 10870166. Also provide feedback at or the SouthPole Trod Face book Page and at

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3 Responses to “The Goodbye”

  1. Michele Wong says:

    Brave lady! Can’t imagine what it’s like skiing across Antartica. All the best of course! Enjoyed hearing your input on Breakfast Club in Ja. – will you be on when you return to our rock?

  2. Leethan says:

    Kim we are following you still and behind you, figuratively cause I don’t ready to head on down to the South Pole yet! LOL! Go Kim!

  3. Lawayn Jefferson says:

    It is a fascinating undertaking and I am thrilled that Kim-Marie our Jamaican lady is a part of it. She is a lady of unstoppable excelling be it in academics, sport, fashion, partying, philosophizing, community service… whatever it is she rises to the challenge. Kim is an inspiration for all women and I wish her continued success. But please not so many goodbyes, Antartica is not a final journey its a new and exhilarating journey so its hello new challenges… here comes Kim.

    Best wishes and may you continue to flourish in the care of God.

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