Be mosquito free – at a cost!

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A few years ago, mosquitoes were regarded as a nuisance but not necessarily with fear.  I remember being teased because I was not accomplished at killing them as they hovered and whined incessantly.

Let’s fast forward to 2014, and the country was gripped in the intense pain of chikungunya virus.

Chikungunya virus

The virus was transmitted from human to human by the bites of infected female mosquitoes. Most commonly, the mosquitoes involved are Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, two species which can also transmit other mosquito-borne viruses, including dengue.

To make matters worse, these mosquitoes can be found biting throughout daylight hours, though there may be peaks of activity in the early morning and late afternoon.

Both species are found biting outdoors, but Aedes aegypti will also readily feed indoors.

Now of course we have to deal with the introduction of Zik V another mosquito virus that has reached our shores. The Zik V virus is transmitted by the same mosquito that spreads dengue and the chikungunya virus.

Consumers have been given all the information they need to make the best decisions on what products to buy to keep their familes safe.

Do you know what to buy?

Well there are various options for buying mosquito repellants.  The truth is it depends on your budget. Some of the pricier brands sell for over $1000.00 after G.C.T. However, there is some good news at there are brands available for as low as $300 after G.C.T.

There are also mosquito zappers that retail for between $500-$600.00 in some stores. This device allows consumers to instantly burns the mosquitoes instantly with direct contact.

I have also seen brands of candles being sold as mosquito repellents.  They are sold for between $600 and $700 and they claim to keep away mosquitoes. In some stores I have seen mosquito bracelets which some people say are effective in keeping mosquitoes away from them.

What about a mosquito net? Well, that cost varies but approximately that can run over $1000.00.

What about your home?

Well the best solution is prevention! So inspect your home and ensure that there are no breeding sites for mosquitoes. So turn over any open containers and  ensure that the yard is kept free of any stagnant water.

Some persons use home remedies to ensure they are not spending any money.  Whatever you decide to do to protect yourself, its important to take the necessary precautions and be safe!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

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