Which pet is right for your budget?

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We have all felt the same rush of panic  when our child looks at us and asks, “Mom can I get a pet?”

That feeling of panic is usually linked to the realization that we don’t have enough to pay for not only the initial cost but also the maintenance of a pet. However, not wanting to disappoint our children we often make vague promises of buying them a pet one day and hurriedly distract them by changing the subject.

While this target might work with younger children, there will be a time when they will insist on the exact date of their new pet. At that point it will be painful to admit that you just don’t have the funds to buy a pet.


However, there is hope for those parents struggling to please their children and keep their budget intact.  There are a wide range of pets that you can afford and will delight children of all ages.

One of the cheapest pets are fish. They don’t require much as they eat only once per day and their food is fairly affordable. Some tanks can be costly but that is a one time cost and not all fish need elaborate pumping system. Start small and buy a few goldfish although there are more exotic varieties of fish.

If you are not a fan of fish why not try budgies?

These small birds usually sell for between $700 – $800 in pet stores. Cages and food can add up but it is also important to note the various habits as some birds need to be purchased in pairs in order for them to have healthy lives.  Some birds can be quite expensive and their life span vary.

There are other things to bear in mind besides the cost when purchasing a pet!

What to Know

Here are some things to consider before making a decision:

Talk to people who have a pet like the one you want. Ask them what they like and don’t like about it.

Check out how much time and hard work the pet takes. You need to pick a pet that fits your lifestyle. Puppies might seem cute but depending on their age you might have a lot of training to do.

It’s also a good idea to read some pet books or go online to learn more about the pet you have chosen.

Always remember to check to make sure nobody in the family is allergic to pets or to pet bedding before you bring the pet to your home.

What’s your take? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online Writer


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4 Responses to “Which pet is right for your budget?”

  1. elsie currie says:

    Good article.I must say though I changed from fish to birds because of the cost of electricity. My birds are quite expensive ,but works out better.

  2. teriann says:

    Hey Elsie,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I had birds once too! They can be great companions. Keep visiting and sharing your thoughts!

  3. grace says:

    I want a dog

  4. teriann says:

    Hello Grace,
    Thanks for sharing! I hope you get what you want! Dogs can be easy to maintain just make sure that they stay healthy.

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