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The Hurricane season officially began on June 1 and will continue until Nov. 30.  It was hoped that this season would be uneventful but we have now been threatened by Hurricane Matthew which up to press time was heading towards Jamaica.  Jamaica has in the past felt the impact of major hurricanes, which caused loss of lives and much damage.

Which of those two categories of people would you want to be described as: the wise or the unprepared?
There is one advantage that hurricanes provide in contrast to other disasters. What is that? Hurricanes give us time to take proper precautions (to protect self and property).

Clearly, none of us would like to experience a calamity during a hurricane because of not taking necessary precautions. For example those who refused to make any preparations because they felt in their ‘spirit’ that no storm would arrive and later regretted making no preparations.. Although the budget might take a small hit, there are  many items must be stocked up before the storm.

Hurricane Preparations

When a hurricane warning is issued consumers usually head out shopping for basic necessities as there might be disruptions in the electricity supply.

What are some things that everyone must do to prepare for a hurricane?

1. Stock up on tinned food and pack battery operated radio and batteries.
2. Limb dangerous trees.

3. Board up windows and other external openings which could be at risk.
4. Ensure vehicles have fuel.

5. Ensure cell phone batteries are fully charged and phones have enough credit.

6. Store important documents in a safe place.

7. Know evacuation routes.

8. Have enough supplies of any medications you will need.

9. Store adequate amounts of clean water.

10. Ensure that you have a fully stocked first aid kit.

We want to therefore avoid the attitude of some who feel that because of near misses in the past or forecasts that may have been a bit off track there is no reason to act on current warnings.

If a disaster does strikes in your area: Do not panic.

Keep your composure, and concentrate on what is truly valuable—life, not possessions. Care for your family’s immediate physical needs. Never go outside during a storm and ensure that you avoid any fallen electrical poles after the storm.

Are you ready for the storm? Just a little extra preparation will keep you safe!

Drop me a line and let me know how you are preparing for the storm!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley
Gleaner online writer


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