Do you shop from Street Vendors?

Author : teriann

I love a good deal.  I also like the process of getting a deal which basically involves a back and forth between me and the vendor.  After a satisfactory discussion, we usually arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement.  However, there are some disadvantages with dealing with vendors on the street.

Vendors – the problems

One of the biggest problem I have with street vendors is that they can’t understand when you don’t want to make a purchase.  Their aggressive nature is understandable as that’s how they make a living but it can make you feel very uncomfortable.  The best thing to do in that situation is really to politely and firmly express your position and walk away.

However, if they still persist that you buy something then  you could always remind them that you have no money usually that works since if you have no money there will be no sale.

Street Vendors also do not always the best quality products.  It is important that you scrutinize the product as there is usually no refund policy.  It is always a good idea to check around to make sure that the price you are being charged is a fair one.

The other problem with street vendors is that they clutter the sidewalk with their wares often forcing pedestrians to walk in the street. This of course poses a security risk as they are now jostling for space and might end up too near to the path of oncoming traffic.

Vendors have a difficult career path as they often are harassed and have to be continually moving with no set business place.  They live in constant fear of being removed and their livelihood being taken away by authorities.

So you might go to your favourite spot only to find that the vendor had to move.  At times it might be hard to find their new location so that you can make your purchase.

Vendors – the good

Despite the challenges buying from street vendors can be a wonderful experience.  Unlike bored store clerks, street vendors are often very personable and friendly as they vie to attract customers.

Since they deal with customers on a one to one level they tend to show more personal interest.  They are more likely to remember loyal customers and will procure hard to find items for them.

Additionally since street vendors don’t have large overheads as bigger businesses they can offer better prices to their customers.  They don’t pay taxes nor have large staff to pay so they don’t pass on these costs to the consumer. As a result they are much better to do business with as they cater to every budget.

Consequently, shopping by street vendors is a pleasant treat!   So happy shopping!

What’s your take? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer


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