Why are tinned foods so popular?

Author : teriann

Did you know that  canning food was first developed in the late 18th century as a way to provide a stable food source for soldiers and sailors at war?

Although the canning process can vary slightly from one product to another, there are three main steps.

These steps include:Processing: Food is peeled, sliced, chopped, pitted, boned, shelled or cooked.

Sealing: The processed food is sealed in cans.

Heating: Cans are heated to kill harmful bacteria and prevent spoiling.

This allows food to be shelf-stable and safe to eat for 1 to 5 years or longer.

If there is one food item that everyone has in their cupboard it is a can of some kind of tinned food.  Whether it’s mackerel, tuna, sausage, vegetables or corned beef most Jamaicans turn to them for as a quick snack or dinner option.

Why so many tinned foods?

The primary reason that most persons buy tinned food is the cost. The average cost of a tin of tuna for example starts at $112 depending on the brand.  This is much less than buying fresh fish to prepare for dinner. Some tinned products such as tuna go very well with pasta which is also relatively inexpensive therefore resulting in economical meal.

Along with being inexpensive, another important factor is the long shelf life of tinned products.  The expiry date is much longer than fresh meat and this means the consumer can safely store tinned products in a cupboard for an extended period of time.

This factor means that tinned products are extremely popular during the hurricane season.  These tinned products do not need to be refrigerated until opened which makes it a convenient way to eat when there is no electricity.

Dangers of tinned foods

Well you don’t have to look further than the news to see some of the dangers of tinned food.  Currently there is a ban on all corned beef imported from Brazil because of reports of contaminated meat.

Consumers are also advised that they can return purchased corned beef for a refund and several supermarkets and wholesales have removed them from its shelves.

BPA (Bisphenol-A) is a chemical that is often used in food packaging, including cans. Some researchers think that this chemical can be absorbed through the lining and can negatively affect consumers. Some people also have allergies so they can’t eat anything from a tin.

So do you eat a lot of tinned food? Do you think that they are all safe? Drop me a line!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley
Gleaner online writer


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2 Responses to “Why are tinned foods so popular?”

  1. edward alberga says:

    Dear Sir,
    All tins products is not sake to eat.
    chemical has be use to spray the inside of the
    cans to prevent it from rust.Let me make this
    very clear chemical is the main cause of cancer.

  2. teriann says:

    Hi Edward,
    Scary stuff indeed! There are so many things we have to be careful of as our health comes first! Thanks for sharing! Keep visiting the site!

    Teri Ann

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