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November is a great month. The best part of it is when I get to indulge in my passion for food at a reduced cost. That is why I love that on November 10-18, Restaurant Week will be celebrated in several parishes across the island.

Restaurant Week Choices

Restaurant week is an opportunity for restaurant owners to gain new clientele and showcase new menu options while it gives consumers a chance to try new dishes at a reduced cost. Eating out can be costly and since there are many financial burdens consumers have been opting to skip costly restaurants. Fast food outlets seem to be favourite of most Jamaican consumers and the pricier options ignored in a bid to save money.

Fast Food Woes

One of the problems with fast food is that while it might be tasty it’s not always healthy. The food might be ready quickly but at times they seem to skip the time needed to properly season and prepare the food item. Therefore even though you have saved money, you end up spending more in the long run to either buy more food or paying doctor bills.

The range of products these types of restaurants offer are also limited. Everything seems to be fried to a golden crisp. The menu options don’t change much even after offering them for years and so soon eating regularly at these outlets can become monotonous.

Ambiance and Quality

It is simply an experience to go out and eat with family and friends that is not mimicked by simply grabbing a fast food meal. The atmosphere created in the restaurant can help to set the mood and adds to the enjoyment of the meal.

Since it is more expensive often you have more control over how you want the meal prepared. Often however persons skip appetizer and desert because the cost is prohibitive. Restaurant Week discounts however make it possible to enjoy all the various options without breaking the budget.

Categories of Dining Options

There are several categories: Morning Bites, Nyam and Scram, Tasty, Savoury, Delectable and Epicurean. The morning and lunch options will offer customers discounted items while the dinner options range from a low of $1850 to the higher end of $4,300.

The price for dinner categories includes choice of appetizer, main course and dessert however beverages, GCT and gratuity are additional.

There are prices to fit every pocket and the special discounted week involves restaurants at various locations all over the island so it’s easy to find one that is near to you!

So are you counting down for Restaurant Week? I certainly am looking forward to it. A full list of participating restaurants and menu options can be found at this linkĀ

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