How to Plan the Perfect Vacation (Part 2)

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‘Work hard and play hard’ is a mantra for a lot of hardworking Jamaicans.  They believe that while things are rough there is no reason to withhold their ‘fun times’.  As a result many vacations are set aside as times to party and relax. As a follow up to a previous post here are some ways to ensure that you plan the perfect vacation.

Party Tips

If you are hosting or attending parties during your vacation there are some essential factors to bear in  mind.


It is best to choose parties that either have promotions such as ‘ladies drink free’ or reduced entry fee because of early admission. That way you save money and still have fun.

There is no need to buy new outfits for every party. Often a quick look in your closet can turn up the perfect outfit. If you have skilled fingers you can even adjust an old outfit so that it looks brand new!

Women tend to spend a lot of money on jewelry and makeup and this can deplete the budget.  However, the best thing to do is identify someone who will be able to assist you in styling yourself for parties without the hefty price tag. There are so many self help videos on the Internet really it just needs some practice.

Hosting a Party

If you are hosting a party but not charging your guests, how do you save money?

Buy items in bulk including food items, offer guests a scaled down menu with fewer options.  The best part of being the host is that you control the guest list so ensure that those who are invited are able to be accommodated.

Another option is to outline to guests what items they can bring to help ease the burden.  If everyone takes an item, no matter how small it is this will relieve the financial strain from the host of the party.

Venue and decorations can be costly to buy or rent.  Another option is to find venues that have a minimal cost or completely free. Decorations which are hand made are cheaper and with a little skill often look better than the store bought ones.

Whether you are a guest or host it’s important to show respect to the neighbours. If you know that the party might be a little long why not inform the neighbours ahead of time? It will go a long way if you also show consideration and play the music within reason.

Regardless of how you plan to enjoy your vacation, proper planning is key whether you are travelling, staying home or partying.

Remember to stay safe and make good decisions! Enjoy your vacation!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

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