The Art of Negotiation

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Ever wonder why some people get the deals of a lifetime while others just can’t get a break? Well it all stems from how well they can negotiate!

Being able to get a deal is really important in this time of economic strain.  The problem is however that everyone wants to get value for their money including the seller so it becomes harder to get him to lower his price.

Challenge in negotiation

Often people who try to negotiate deals forget that they have to do so without trying to cheat anyone. That is to say at the end of the transaction, both parties should feel as if they have been treated equally and been given the opportunity to make money.

Therefore it is a challenge to always ensure that the end result is one that both parties are satisfied about. If one party feels cheated or manipulated then that was not a good negotiation.

How to Negotiate

Like everything else in life being able to negotiate effectively requires skill, determination and tact. If you are purchasing a car for example the best thing to do is to use any flaws in the car to your advantage.

If after identifying the flaw you state that you will make arrangements for the repair but this would also be taken from the sale price it would be better received than if you simply demand that the price be lowered. In that case the seller is able to remove the hassle of doing the repairs and still gets a fair price.

Another key aspect for being a good negotiator is to find common ground with the seller. This can be easily established as maybe you went to the same school or support the same sports team.  This helps to make the seller feel comfortable before you start discussing prices and perhaps make a favorable impression.

What if you get faced with opposition?

If you are trying to get a bill payment reduced due to the poor service you received you might initially be met with resistance.  Instead of lashing out in anger be prepared to show instances when you were not able to access the service and how that impacted on your life.

If the representative is not willing to help ask to speak to the manager.

Managers often respond if you have proof of the lack of service and if your manner is firm yet professional. If they claim not to have the authority to grant your request, don’t give up ask respectfully to speak with the next level of management.

How well do you negotiate? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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