Are those gadgets worth the cost?

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I am in no way a self proclaimed ‘techie’. In fact at risk of revealing my age, I remember the days before the Internet and cellphones.

Back then if you the cordless phone then you were in an advanced technology bracket.

The evolution of the cellphone from a ‘fridge’ so called because of its shape to the slim pocket size is truly amazing. Then other accessorizes  such as headphones and chargers also got more sophisticated.

There is a small problem though because all these sophisticated gadgets come with a hefty price tag.


I wanted to buy some headphones and since I  didn’t want earbuds, I decided to check out the cost at a few electronic stores. The cost for the headphones was staggering. I wondered why there was such a wide range of prices. The sales clerk admitted that not all headphones are equal as some have issues resulting inferior audio quality.

Wireless headphones cost more than their wired counterparts. However the headphones without wires are easier to transport and usually have less issues as wires can get easily tangled and result in a poorer audio quality.

So is it a case of getting what you pay for? Well in most cases superior quality comes attached with a higher price tag.


I guess it’s one thing to pay for quality products and it’s quite another to buy electronic items just so that you can keep up with current trends.  I have seen persons with perfectly good phones or laptops become dissatisfied when they hear of new trends.

The fact is you will never be truly up to date as they are always coming up with new ideas of how to improve current technology.  Now our smart phones can do more than just surf the web, it can tell how many steps we have taken and communicate with our other devices among other innovative features.

I believe that there is no need to constantly purchase newer upgrades just to say that you have the latest model instead focus on keeping the item in the best condition. If upgrades can be done online then use that as a means of keeping up to date.

I think the best course of action is keeping abreast of trends but choosing to invest in quality electronic items. So what’s your take on the issue? Are electronic gadgets worth the cost?

Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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