Restaurant Week 2019 Begins!

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Okay so everyone has different times of the year that they excitedly wait for and my favorite month is November. Why is November so special to me? Well it’s the time of the year when restaurants have ‘Restaurant Week’.

This week in November is set aside for restaurants to offer special discounted meals to their patrons. These specials usually include appetizers, entrees and deserts. Although drinks, G.C.T. and gratuities are not included it is a very exciting time to visit new restaurants.

Restaurant Week

The week of special offers begins November 8-17, 2019. The best part is that restaurants put a little extra special menu together for the week that is typically not offered on their regular menu. Chiefs get the opportunity to spread their imagination and produce dishes that make consumers delight in tasting.

The dishes over the years I have found have improved as chiefs and owners experiment with various food pairings. One restaurateur says he uses the opportunity to try new dishes and if they meet with success then he incorporates them into his regular menu.  If however customers don’t like them he can easily discard them after the week ends.

Options for various budgets

If you are worried about your budget, well don’t be there are various options for you to choose from and each has it’s own title. For example the Morning Bites or Mr.Breakfast are restaurants that offer mainly breakfast options. The prices in this category are reduced 30%.

Then for lunch there is the ‘Nyam and Scram’ option. These restaurants also offer a 30% reduction in costs. The menu items in this category are more lunch items so this is another way to enjoy the week.

There are also dinner options which are divided into tasty, savoury, delectable and epicurean. The prices vary from $1850 in the tasty category to a high of $4300 in the Epicurean category.

Is it worth a visit?

I know what you might be thinking why anyone should spend money like that when he could easily make my own meal for free or eat at somewhere cheaper. Well I do agree eating out can ‘eat out’ your budget, however consider the benefit of going out during these deals. Most of the restaurants involved in the promotion are highly sought after eating establishments that are offering their menu at a reduced cost.

Therefore if you want a night eating out at a really nice restaurant at another time of the year you will end up spending twice as much than if you went during the promotion.

My advice is to try one of the eateries and see what they have to offer, after all you can choose which one most fits your budget. I know I will be trying at least one.  I intend to let you know how it goes and report back to my readers. Let me know if you visited any restaurants during this week. For a full list of participating restaurants click this link.

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

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