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Hollywood is known for delivering riveting, gripping, edge-of-the seat, partner-grabbing drama. But, in Singapore, on Sunday, Formula 1 reduced Hollywood to amateurs!

The stars were all aligned, synchronized to provide Vettel with the redemption he sought, after he lost his battle with the championship lead at Monza. Vettel put his shoulder to the wheel and during qualifying, he drove with the raging fire and fury one would expect from a threatened multiple world champion.

As he sat at P1, staring along the start-finish straight, I am certain that he was aware of the treacherous conditions which the weather inserted in the mix and as such he was doing his best to remain calm but focused.

When the red lights departed, incessant speed was adopted by several drivers on the grid. Verstappen was brilliant from the standstill start, but, Raikkonen was magical. Vettel’s ordinary start meant his lead-margin was rapidly decreasing.

Vettel did what all P1-holders do – veer ┬áright or left to block the advancing machine. But, on Sunday, in Singapore on the no-room-for-error street circuit, Verstappen was trapped in a Ferrari sandwich!

At F1 speed things occur at rocket-rapid pace. And what the world witnessed before corner 1 even materialised will be discussed without pause. Vettel chose to defend his position, but Verstappen was being attacked by Raikkonen. Verstappen had no wiggle-room. Carnage was conceived!

Raikkonen and Verstappen remained locked in collision, Alonso became a reluctant victim and Vettel, who received initial impact, from Raikkonen, but thought he escaped, was seen reversing around corner 5 before being forced to retire!

When the bits of carbon fiber settled and the expelled coolant disappeared, Hamilton slipped into the lead! There were moments of interest and intrigue along the way but Hamilton was at the beach chilling with a Red Stripe! Challenges – he had none.

At the Singapore GP the fat lady chose Hamilton and turned her back on Vettel. Will Verstappen get a break any time soon? He needs to visit a Jamaican ‘mada woman’!

So, the gap which was 3 points prior to the Singapore GP is now a yawning 28! Lewis Hamilton is now in a happy place but Vettel is no stranger to being behind in the points chase. Can he overcome this massive deficit? Did we witness, in Singapore, the most significant event in the 2017 season thus far?


Time will tell. Vettel and Ferrari have a yeoman’s job to do!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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  1. Janet Holnesd says:

    Actually Lewis Hamilton gained the lead immediately Vettel spun. He is truly blessed. A better outcome I could not imagine. Another record in Singapore.

  2. cmunroe says:

    Welcome Janet! We do not need to guess who you want to win the championship. Isnt it more interesting when Lewis actually has a challenge? I prefer fierce competition. What about you?

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