Jamaica Represents At Notting Hill Carnival

I shall be in Europe for the next few weeks and naturally I was at the Notting Hill carnival this past Sunday and Monday.

What fun and festivities, what colour! Who would have thought a few days ago London and so many of England’s cities were in such upheaval and disorder…

It was so nice to see the “bobbies on the beat” – what we call our police officers – chilling with the crowds…

Jamaica had an extremely strong presence at carnival this year. The lady below styled JA perfect whilst enjoying the event. I think she was also feeling the World Championship vibe… Go JA…We are going to end the games strong…

As usual what I love about Notting Hill carnival is that it excludes none. Persons with disabilities represented as participants. While future carnival goers – yes our children – came out to enjoy the vibe.

Naturally, Jamaica’s influence was everywhere – jerk pans were everywhere. My jerk pork went down very well with my long cool Red Stripe.

If you were there let me know what you thought… Do you think Notting Hill carnival is here to stay?

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Walk good.

All images courtesy of Sharon “Shaz” Davis.

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4 Responses to “Jamaica Represents At Notting Hill Carnival”

  1. Notting Hill Carnival is a way for people of different race to mix & mingle, eat some good jerk chicken and more… Jamaicans are loving people and deserved respect in return. Promote the Carnival as a annual celebration

    Independence,2012 will be a awesometime for all jamaicans every where in the world.

  2. Smith says:

    The mere fact such a question is posed after forty plus years of being in existence, is an indication that the forces are at work again to move, charge and or end the carnival at Ladbrooke Grove and Notting Hill, this is not new.

    When we talk about sustainable development I am told it involves ownership by the people, promotes social cohesion and encourages social inclusion and not exclusion, hence it is the best modern day example I have ever seen of sustainable development. Development by the people for the people.

    Recent riots in UK indicate that there is a lack of affordable activity, social cohesion coupled with a feeling of not being a part of anything, therefore I have nothing to loose attitude. The result has been devastating. There will be more rioting if we all do not take heed.

    If the current organisers or non organisers, police, councils or whoever they maybe want to destroy the one event that every can participate in those person can create a new carnival in or through Hyde Park and charge admission let them go ahead, nothing is stopping them but leave Ladbrook Grove and Notting Hill Carnival alone.

    The Carnival has been here for many years and will be here for many more years to come.

  3. doreth lawrence says:

    yeah , myself took a picture of a disabled person in his wheel chair . i think it is great that the carnival can represent black people in such a wonderful way. I took my children and they really enjoyed it.

  4. princessi says:

    I remember reading an article in the London evening standard newspaper many years ago (early to mid 1990s) where the writer gave an overview of the history of the Notting Hill carnival, how it came about and who it was for. In essence the piece made it clear that it was for homesick Trinis and not for Jamaicans and their sound systems and they would rather it if we stayed away. I have never gone there since that time and pay hardly any attention to its yearly advent.

    We spend far too much of our precious time and energy on trivialities such as the next jump-up and jamboree which might explain why we as a society remain stuck to the past still celebrating “independence”/

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