Mrs. ‘O’ – Now You Got Us Talking!

Hi there fashionista’s,

I am back  to talk about one of our favourite topics … yes the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama.   Let me start with belated birthday wishes to the ‘first lady of fashion’ (January 17th). It goes without saying that during 2009, she retained her title  ‘style diva’.  Why?  Because throughout the year she showed  us all that we can look absolutely fabulous even on a small budget :)     I’ve been watching the ‘First Lady‘ closely since the start of 2010 and I need your input guys and girls.   What do you honestly think of her looks this month?

I agree with you Ruth (see the Happy New Year  post) that she looked fab! fab! fab! at June Biden’s funeral, (Vice President,  Joe Biden’s mother). But what did you think of her in the ‘plum wonder‘ by Issac Mizrahi.  Yes I am talking about the dress  Michelle wore to the State of the Union Address.

Mizrahi is one of my favourite designers but I’m really not sure that this look works for the ‘First Lady of fashion’.  I watched the Address with my sister who said  ” She looked better with the ‘purple’ coat on that we saw her leave the White House in…It promised so much …such a classic cut.”  Yes she was disappointed by the reveal, and yes she is not too good with colours.

Following are some pictures of her looks during January 2010.

Picture with birthday cake taken by Samantha Appleton, What’s going on with that blouse?  She looked so stunning in this classic simple detailed coat on the way to the party! Photo by Yuri Gripas/Reuters both pictures on

Now you can see Mrs Obama in the Mizrahi gown (above). Photo by ZapToIt, www.

She is also pictured in the funeral attire, I mentioned earlier.  Naturally,  The President  ‘Mr O’ is not looking too shabby either :) . Photo from Getty on

A few things are constant with regards to Mrs Obama’s style this month. Her make-up looks gorgeous, did I say striking, flawless should I go on.  Well yes for she topped it with her new trendsetting hairstyle. Check out how many ladies (all races) are already sporting it….

I love this shade of blue on Michelle, although I am not sure about the dress. Photo by Getty. I also selected a photo of her in full black, with that popping hairstyle. Check out the boots arn’t they just tres cute! Photo by AP Image both on

What are you thinking fashionista’s? Are you liking all the casual, corporate and function appropriate attire?

Michelle in masculine stripes. Photo by Reuters/AFP photo on www. We can see her again in more stripes in the  photo with the flags by Jim Young/Reuters on

I have to say ladies and gents although I love ‘Mrs O’ to bits, some of the above are definitely not hits for me.

Lets have your comments…I am sure they will be interesting

Talk soon Shaz

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