Water Woes – Increase by N.W.C. hit consumers!

Author : teriann

Teri Ann Renee Paisley, Gleaner Online Writer

Although we live on an island surrounded by water, we always seem to be in a constant struggle to give everyone an adequate supply of the precious commodity.

The abundance of rainfall we experience does nothing to relieve our problems.
I remember once after a heavy downpour that I was surprised that the water pressure in my pipes was low. I then wondered, where did all that water go?

I also wonder why is it that after so much technology advancement some communities still have have limited or no access to piped water.

Often there are staged demonstrations as residents wave placards and shout their frustrations about the unreliability of their water supply.
In some cases though they suffer for years without any noticeable improvement.

Whereas I am sure there have been improvements over the years, in my opinion more needs to be done in order to give everyone access to clean water.
I think a number of the pumps used by the company seems to be in need of constant repair.

As the company struggles to meet consumer demand they have complained that they need to increase their rates in order to fund their projects.

Therefore in a move heralded by many as a positive one, the company has been granted an 18 per cent hike in bills effective on the cycle that begins on October 3, 2013.

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has also granted an increase at a lower band of 13 per cent to customers who are not connected to the sewage system.

Although the increase was not as much as the company wanted it will still send consumers deeper in their pockets to pay higher bills.

I suppose I don’t have a problem with paying more if it means improved service.

I know I am not alone in wanting better service with the increase since persons are finding it hard these days to cope with the mounting cost of living.
There must be a renewed call for excellence and accountability.

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Another suggestion to ensure fair water distribution to all communities is to have a rental of water tanks in those areas that do not have regular rainfall.
This is because not everyone can afford to purchase and install a water tank and so would benefit from this arrangement.

So what’s your take on the increase in water bills?
Is this a fail or a pass? Let me hear from you!

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