Be Careful of Purchasing Hotel Vacation Packages!

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Be Careful of Purchasing Hotel Vacation Packages!

A warm breeze gently blows as you lay on a chair and relax on the golden sands at the beach just metres away from a four star hotel with an all inclusive arrangement of food and drink.

The scene described is one that entices many hard working Jamaicans when they envision going on vacation on the North Coast.
Unfortunately, the price to stay at many of these hotels makes it unattainable for the average Jamaican.  So this means that the hotels and all their amenities are for the most part enjoyed by the tourists or the privileged few who can afford the hefty price tag.

As a result there has been great interest in buying coupons from companies whose sales representatives offer a book of coupons which they proclaim will save you thousands of dollars.
These booklets often offer discounts for group rates, discounted spa services and bonus free nights at various hotels in Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.

So is this the answer to the dilemma faced by those who could not otherwise afford to stay at these hotels?

Well there is always the fine print on the booklets that often is not highlighted to the customer. In order to benefit from the free night for example you have to pay for two other nights at full price.

So although it might sound great to have a free night it is important to be able to cover the cost of the room for the other two nights.
There are also black out dates which the hotel will not accept any coupons. These dates include public holidays which might be the time you would have wanted to stay!

So should you buy vacation packages?

Well I suppose in my humble opinion, it depends on the location of the hotel and the regular price of the rooms. If the vacation package can be shared, which means a group of persons pay for it and share the coupons, then it could pay for itself!

Just check the conditions under which the discounts are applied and ensure you actually use the coupons!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley Gleaner Online Writer

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