Emergency Essentials

Author : teriann

At any moment you could be stranded at home with no access to a store.  That it is why I think it is important to have in your home a few basic food items that can take you through any emergency situation.

In my opinion these are: flour/rice, crackers, tinned items, bread and milk.  I think with these items items it is easy to prepare meals that will please everyone.  The truth is that there are some emergencies that we might not be given much advance warning, both man-made and natural.  Therefore, it is wise to have not only candles and batteries handy but also those items which will make life a bit easier until it is safe to venture to a store.

Which food items would you need if you are stranded at home for a while? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley (gleaner on-line writer)

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  1. Bob says:

    I am one of the older head!. I always have months of stocks in my home!. because living in a country where when there is winter anything can happen!. so one have to have stocks. but what we Jamaicans must start getting use to is to stock can goods!. that have a long enough shelves life!.. because . just think of it that one cant get coal to cook or kerosene oil or LNG. what do they do with flower and rice?.

    this is where can goods comes in!. they must start to stock pile canned goods!.. they can use and continue to replace them through out the years!. so they don’t end up with spoil food!..

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