Consumers embrace technology!

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Do you remember when if you needed to call someone you had take out a huge phone?

We jokingly refer to those types of phones as ‘fridges’ as a reminder of their unwieldy size. It was not so long ago that only a few people had access to computers.

Now of course persons can not only use their computers but their smart phones can also be linked to the Internet.

With the advent of the new technology, there have been great strides for consumers as they are able to send and receive money without leaving the comfort of their own home.

In fact banks encourage persons to use electronic banking to transfer funds and pay bills. The need to wait in long lines at the bank are a thing of the past. Electronic banking also allows consumers to check their balances eliminating the need to call or visit the bank.

Customers are issued with A.T.M. cards which can be used at machines if they need to withdraw cash from their account. These machines are found all over the islands and are very popular among consumers.

Dangers of Technology

Of course, the increase in technology has had some negative impact on customers.  This includes some dishonest persons attempting to use fraudulent means to steal from customers online.

This can be avoided if consumers practice the following safety tips while using technology.

Safety Tips:

  • Never tell anyone your password or write it down where it can easily be seen.
  • Do not use A.T.M. machines in poorly lit areas or without examining the slot where the card is placed.
  • Take your receipts with you when you leave the machine.
  • If using a public computer for online banking ensure you have erased any passwords used on the website.
  • Keep your own records so you can compare your purchases with those on the card.

Technology can be a great friend of consumers but they must use it wisely!

How do you use technology?

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Teri Ann Paisley

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