Small Farmers need a Boost!

Author : teriann

We know that supporting the small farmer is important.  So why isn’t more being done to give them a boost?  

 True, all farmers have to contend with natural disasters, the uncertainty of the dollar and man-made difficulties such as praedial larceny. Then if their goods do reach the market place, buyers can be few.  This can devastate even the most determined farmer.  However, the small farmer may be even more frustrated as he can not produce enough goods in order to attract bigger markets, such as the tourism industry.

I think it makes sense for hotels across the island to sign contracts with small farmers for them to supply goods all year round. So what do the hoteliers think about this plan?

In an article published by The Gleaner on July 19, 2010 entitled, ‘Sabotage- Hotels accused of boxing the small farmers out of market’, by Christopher Sirjue, their response suggests that they favour larger farmers because they can provide them with the quantity of goods they need. 

So should they sign these contracts anyway?

I think they should, mainly because we are all in this together and hotels need to give back to our country even if it is in this small way.  Remember, that the small farmer is the backbone of our country so without them Jamaica might not be the glistening jewel in the crown of the tourist industry!

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 Teri Ann Renee Paisley (Gleaner On-line writer)

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8 Responses to “Small Farmers need a Boost!”

  1. Quest says:

    Yes they should sign the agreement beacuse this will give the smaller farmers a chance to grow! The larger farmers already have the equipment and money and exposure Jamaica has many farmers that need the help and those selfish hotels need to do their part and do business with all Jamacians! And thats truly giving back to the community that serves them.

  2. logwood says:

    The hotels should sign with the small farmers, but the people of Jamaica should also support the small farmers and stop buying those stale imported fruits and vegetables when they can get it fresher at home.

  3. LadyJA says:

    The govt should not allow these hotels to import foods into Jamaica. If tourists want to come to Jamaica they must be prepared to eat what is locally produced; afterall, it is only for a 2-week vacation.

    “I you want to control a country you must control the food” -

    “if you want to control a region you must control the energy” -

    “if you want to control the world you must control the banks” –
    These are the words of Henry Kissinger, fmr US Sec of State. It was all in the grand scheme of things and it has come to pass.

  4. teriann says:

    I totally agree! We need to support our local farmers.

  5. Uforatie says:

    One of the biggest problems I think facing small farmers is the scourge of praedial larceny. And as long as these vicious thieves are alowed to waltz into a field that does not belong to them and take off with ground produce and/or livestock with little or no consequence, the plight of small farmers will only grow worse.
    I am appealing to the authorities to take some drastic action against these lazy, grudgeful, good-for-nothing thieves.
    I think every time a praedial larcenist is caught, he should be dealt with severely. A limb should be chopped off, along with a severe prison sentence. This sentence should include hard labour in the aggrieved farmer’s field until all the farmer’s losses are recouped.
    This approach to the evil of praedial larceny is the only way to get Jamaica on the path of agricultural productivity again!

  6. Vivian Stephenson says:

    The problem with big hotels is that they need guaranteed stock. Hotels cannot have guests and farmers are at rest. Farmers need to step up to the challenge and they need a voice to make the presentation to the hoteliers.

  7. Christy Joy says:

    JA in response to your comment, as a Canadian, yes we as tourists can eat what is locally grown, that is not a problem. However, you must know that people would not stay for 2 weeks because your island doesn’t grow certain foods. Thus, western food is needed as jerk chicken doesn’t appeal to everyone and with what is written about fish in Jamaica being filled with flormalahyde (spg?), no thanks. Having been to Jamaica six times, I almost starved (no I didn’t stay at a resort); I also heard people on a plane going back home how awful the food was in Jamaica, that was something we all agreed on. You may have grown up on it and are use to it but for some of us, it is down right horrible.

  8. teriann says:

    Hmm Christy I understand where you are coming from but all around the world different cultures enjoy various types of food that does not appeal to everyone. In some countries, frogs, snails and ants are delicacies that personally do not appeal to me! I am sure there are some food items that we grow locally that do not appeal to you but there is much to be said for having had new experiences in food!

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