Be safe while shopping!

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During a busy shopping session, I was accosted by a man who claimed to have been ‘watching’ my car and who demanded payment.

I was nervous but I firmly told him I had no spare change then promised faithfully to return and pay on my next visit.

Although he was clearly unhappy he allowed me to enter my vehicle and as I sped away I contemplated on what I would have done differently to avoid the situation from reoccurring.

Be careful where you park

It is best to park in designated parking lots.

That means choosing a parking lot with uniformed guards and a set price for the facility. ┬áThose unauthorized parking lots have too many ‘collectors’ and you will find yourself as I did aggressively approached for funds.

As the season goes into overdrive, parked cars can be a target for persons who are intent on stealing. It is also a good idea not to leave any valuables in your vehicle. I could never understand how persons left expensive gadgets such as laptops in their car while shopping!

Don’t carry large amounts of cash!

It is a good idea to leave large amounts of cash at home since there is a good chance that you could be targeted while you shop. Once while a friend of mine was shopping, she noticed the same man at two of the stores she had also purchased items.

She quickly alerted a male friend who was able to intimidate the man who promptly left the area.

It is much better to carry a card which if stolen can not be as easily used as it can be cancelled with a quick phone call. On that note please be alert when using your debit card, another ‘shopper’ should not be near you when you are entering your personal pin code when making purchases.

Be Alert!

My friend’s experience while shopping shows that it is essential that you remain alert while shopping.

It is hard to focus on your bags when shopping but you must be aware of who is standing around you and where you have placed your shopping bags. Ideally you should try and shop in groups so that the load is shared.

The police will be increasing their presence on the streets during the Christmas season but we must also play our part!

Be safe!

Let me hear your take! Drop me a line!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online Writer

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