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On August 1, 1834, the course of Jamaica’s history changed forever.

Previously under the dominion of white slave masters, the slaves were finally given their freedom.

The dream of freedom was one in which had captured many hearts and led to much bloodshed. Slaves were now given the opportunity to earn a living for their families and move freely between plantations which would encourage trade and commerce.

They wanted to build their island home into a strong independent nation with its resources made available in order for them to take care of the basic needs of all citizens.

In order to fulfil that dream, Jamaicans ultimately craved total independence from British rule which they were able to achieve in August 6, 1962.  There was renewed focus on creating a strong economy that would benefit everyone regardless of their status in society as well as a desire to produce and sell Jamaican products.

Fifty two years later has that dream been realized?

Fifty Two years since Independence

There have been a lot of strides made in this regard as Jamaican products line the shelves in most places.  However, there are still too many items that are imported to our shores.  In many cases, these are items that are found in Jamaica such as coconut oil.

Some of the complaints about the use of Jamaican products, such as  local coconut oil, is that production is not sufficient to meet demand so they have to import those products.   The solution might be to increase local production so that there is no reliance on the import market.

In fact, a number of factories that used to be in operation have shut down over the past few years, which causes not only job loss but allows other imported products to take over the market. I have noticed that my options of which brand of banana chips I want to purchase are greatly limited.

It seems as if the local brands of the item are dwindling.  This might be because of the drought we are currently experiencing on the island which will affect crop production.

Dreams Fulfilled?

A number of Jamaican products are currently being sold overseas as they continue to promote our unique culture.

Jamaican companies are also trying to meet the needs of their customers by providing both quality and quantity goods.

There is still however, much to do in order to fulfil the dreams of our forefathers!

What’s your take? Drop me a line below!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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2 Responses to “Buy Jamaican – Emancipation/Independence dreams!”

  1. Grace Green says:

    I totally agree with you on that subject. I do not understand Jamaicans love for poorly produced north American products. They are destroying their own economy in lining up to buy these poor quality goods and wonder why there are no jobs in Jamaica. It baffles me how they feel that these products are better than their own Jamaican products. They are so wrong. I have been living in North America over 40 years and see the half ripened products in the supermarket as they are picked green and force ripen on trucks. This is what they are feeding their own people. What quality food do these trailer flocking Jamaicans think they are getting. If only they knew!

  2. teriann says:

    Too true Grace, Jamaican consumers need to realize that their Jamaican products are of a high standard.

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