Do you always collect a receipt?

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Let’s be honest and admit that shopping in Jamaica sometimes involves buying items without getting a receipt. After all you don’t get a receipt from the market vendor or the man selling phone cards and cases from the handcart.

Informal businesses are not the only places that don’t give receipts, I have shopped at a few wholesales which don’t offer a receipt after customers have made their purchases.

Consumers have the right to demand a receipt for any product they purchase or services rendered. Receipts are not always for returns, they also can establish how much you paid for an item.  A friend had a dispute with the credit card company who insisted a certain amount was taken from her credit card.  She was able to produce receipts to refute their claims and the matter was settled amicably.

Value of Receipts

What about if you are a renter?

As a renter, having a good relationship with your landlord is as important as having a good relationship with your roommate — especially when money is involved. When paying rent — regardless of the amount — you want to make sure the person you’re doing business with is trustworthy.

Unfortunately, not everyone is trustworthy so that’s why it’s your right as a tenant to request a rent receipt from your landlord to prove that you’ve paid your rent.


When driving through the toll road do you discard those receipts?

Well they could be a vital piece of evidence if there is a need to prove your whereabouts in a court of law.

Who knew such a small piece of paper could be so important?

Recently there have been a number of reports in the medio about the possibility of compensation after some consumers reported being affected by being sold bad gas.

Although there has been some debate about the issue of compensation, the issue persists that having a receipt can help the authorities track the problem and give your claim credibility.

Regardless of how that issue is resolved it certainly makes consumers realize that receipts are their right, so they should demand that they be issued to protect their rights.

So what’s your take? Do you always collect a receipt?

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner Online Writer


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