Can you afford a pet?

Author : teriann

If you have children, then you know how difficult it is to find something that they will enjoy no matter their age. It also has to be something that will fit into your already small budget.

Why not get them a pet?


Before you rush out and get a pet for your children, there are several things to consider.

First of all, what are the costs that are involved in taking care of a pet?

The initial cost of the pet  is usually not the only factor in the long term costs of owning a pet. Pets must be provided with adequate food and a suitable place to live. Some pet habitats require more upkeep than others and additional equipment will need to be purchased.

A bird cage can cost between $4,000 -$10,000, depending on the style and size of the cage.

Pets also need medical attention from time to time depending on their needs. So this means trips to the veterinary’s office.

Some pets, such as selected species of birds do better when they are in pairs so it is important to do your research long before you step into a pet store.


Trips to pet stores can be overwhelming for small children, so its best to do research at home on the computer about the type of pet which will best fit in your budget and home.

If you are on a limited budget then fish is a likely choice.  They need a tank which must be changed regularly or outfitted with a filter system.  They have to be fed daily but they are very low maintenance.

If you have a little more money to spend you might try birds, hamsters or puppies.  These animals tend to live a little longer than fish and are kid friendly.

What if you don’t want to spend any money at all?

Free Pets

Often owners of cats or dogs will have kittens or puppies that they are willing to give away to friends or neighbours.

Although this will eliminate the initial cost of the pet, you will still need to purchase food and other essentials such as flea collar and medication if they get sick or need to be vaccinated.

Pets can be a great asset to any family but they should never be abused or mistreated.  If you live in a small apartment were there is little room, then the pet you choose should fit your lifestyle.

Just as a quick reference a bag of dog food can cost up to $8000.00 depending on the brand and some breeds of dogs require special diets.

Buying or getting a pet is a huge responsibility.

So can you afford a pet?

Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Paisley

Gleaner online Writer


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2 Responses to “Can you afford a pet?”

  1. karen says:

    years ago amdist tears I gave away my children’s shi-tzu. A daily commute of roughly 3 hours total meant that we were away from home in the daylight hours, she was tied up with only food and water for company .. that’s no life for a dog! plus I was beginning to spend more on grooming and medication than i spent on myself .. sorry Shelley, wherever you are dog heaven, we still miss you.

  2. teriann says:

    Well Karen you did the best thing a pet needs support. I am sure you can find a pet that more suits your needs.

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