Fast Food is it the best Choice?

Author : teriann

We have all been there, instead of making a home cooked meal, we decided to go to a fast food restaurant.

It seems easier and more convenient to quickly grab a meal while on our way home from work.

We tell ourselves we have saved time and effort by making this quick stop instead of slaving hours away in a hot kitchen after a long day at work. Often consumers feel eating out once or twice is worth the cost!

But have we really made a good choice?

Slow Food

The first myth is that you will be in and out of a fast food restaurant quickly. The fact is many of these restaurants have long lines at the cashier. Even after you have cashed your items there is another wait while your food is being prepared.

If the restaurant is extremely busy, then watch out as sometimes food preparation quality can deteriorate when workers rush to fill orders. Even worse, I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten the wrong items even after being very specific about my order.

Customer Service

Not to be outdone is the poor customer service at some fast food restaurants. The customer should always be treated with respect but it doesn’t seem as if everyone received those instructions.

As a result some cashiers respond with such snide and disrespectful attitudes that after a while customers come to expect it as a normal part of the experience.


Although there  are healthy options at some fast food restaurants, often they are not as popular as their fried counterparts. It’s often hard to choose a salad when the air is filled with the scent of fried food.

After eating these fried meals, people tend to feel happy and satisfied. Later, however, their insulin levels crash, and their mood drops. They crave more of the same fat- and sugar-laden foods, and they only feel better once they eat them. It’s a vicious cycle of craving more unhealthy food.

A steady diet of fast food not only leads to a bulging waistline but also consumers are more vulnerability to a range of serious health problems, from diabetes to heart disease.

So is fast food the best choice?

What’s your take? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner Online Writer


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2 Responses to “Fast Food is it the best Choice?”

  1. Bart says:

    Fast food in excess is a very bad choice if you aim to be healthy. If you are Robert De Niro, preparing for your role in ‘Raging Bull’, it would be the way to go; to quit the stuff after the work is done!

    Fast food, it smells and tastes good and life is short! How to deal with the temptations?

    Built a goal into your life. Say, as a smoker, you aim for more breath, healthy skin, better smell and taste et cetera and want to give up smoking BUT the addiction is still there — this inner voice, craving for nicotine (or in the case of fast food, for fat and sugar). But when you really want to achieve the envisioned transformation you need to be willing to give up smoking (or fat and sugar). The urge, though, still exists. So: how? Use the urge as a source of energy to be reminded of just that: “I feel like a smoke or fat and sugar, it energises and reminds me of what I want to achieve. And that in order to achieve that, I need to give up that bad habit. Thank you for that, let’s move on into the new direction. Hard but worth it on the longer run” The addictive urge actually energises getting out of it. Yes, from the bottom up, at the low point. There is no better place to start. Falling prone to giving in would ruin that.

    With fast food it would work the same as with stopping to be addicted to smoking.

    And remember: when eating lots of fast food, just one healthy meal or training training (walking, swimming, running) will not undo the effects done. As is the other way around: when regularly consuming healthy, balanced food, moving and training, the benefits of that will not be undone just be eating once (say after a once a month visit to the fast-food counter). Contrary: some experts say this is actually healthy, to do that once and a while!

    The question is: what do you really need? Paleo is a great way to start focussing on making positive changes in your life!

    Once you get that in gear, it is time to move on: how much TV do you watch a day? Are you dwelling on negative thoughts and emotions? Daily life is such an entertaining challenge! And it comes with free medicine: the air that we are allowed to breath.

  2. teriann says:

    Hey Bart,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your comments are insightful thanks for sharing! Keep visiting the site and sharing your ideas.


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