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How often do you eat out?  Some people eat out every day while for others it is a once a month affair.

The decision to eat out is usually because of convenience as after a hard day at work it is often easier to stop and pick up dinner than going home to cook.

The major deterrent to eating out on a regular basis is the cost.

Restaurant Week – Eating out on a budget!

There is a solution to your budget woes that stop you from dining out!

The best solution is to take full part in Restaurant Week that will be observed on November 11-19, 2016.  I am sure that so soon to the end of the year means that your  funds might be low. I believe however that it is important to take advantage of the deals offered during this special week.

The best part of the week is all that great food! Trust me when I say I know food and the offerings every year would make anyone delirious with happiness.

I find that most places make special additions to their menu just for the week along with promoting their various dishes.  This is a way for restaurants to try new dishes and increase their clientele.


Now if you are worrying about cost remember that the prices offered in Restaurant Week are not the regular prices and depending on the package often include appetizer and desert which would normally be sold separately.

Are you wondering if your favourite restaurant is on the list?  Well with over 75 participating restaurants to choose from it is likely you will find it or discover some where new and exciting.

After all this year 21 new restaurants have been added to the roster! That means new menus with a wide variety of dishes to enjoy.

The new addition of Caterers is an interesting one as now you can cater for larger groups  and enjoy reduced rates.  This category requires advance orders so place them early!

What about if you want to have an intimate dinner or lunch experience? Well there is a price range for you!

Price Ranges

There are five categories for restaurants: Tasty dinner menus for $1,850, Savoury for $2,800, Delectable meals for $3,800, Epicurean experiences for $4,300 and Nyam and Scram 30% discounted lunch combos.

Consumers who want an early morning meal can also benefit from Morning Bites as they get a 30% discount.  There is also the  Caterers 30% discount for those who want to cater their event at a reduced cost.

There is something for everyone! So which restaurant will you be going? I can’t wait to sink my teeth in all that delicious food!

Check out for a complete listing of participating restaurants.

See you there!

Teri Ann Paisley

Gleaner Online Writer

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