ATM Machines vs Cash Woes

Author : teriann

I don’t like using ATM machines, especially at the end of the month.  I have realized that in an effort to avoid long lines at banks, a number of people are using the cash dispensers to access their money. However it never dawned on me how bad the situation  was until my experience last week Friday.

No cash

On February 24, 2017 due to a change in my plans I needed access to some funds quickly.  As a result I quickly identified the ATM in the Twin Gates Plaza on Constant Spring Road.  However one look at the line which had spread out to block several stores along the strip, I decided to try an ATM machine at a different location.

I decided to try the ATM adjacent to the Seventh Avenue Plaza, however while walking towards it I saw several people leaving the line. This was some cause for concern so I decided to stop a lady and ask her what was the problem and she said the machine was out of money.

I was disappointed but I figured  that it was a one-off problem and proceeded to another ATM in the Springs Plaza and joined the long line.  I settled down to wait then as the minutes crept by I noticed one lady shaking her head as she left the machine.  She shouted, “Money don pon mi.” Once again the machine was empty and people wandered away from the line while I pondered my options.

Call the bank

After waiting for so long I had worked up quite an appetite so I decided to use my card to buy a drink and a snack.  While waiting in the line to pay for them, I heard the cashier say that the machines used to swipe the card for payment did not always work.

By now I was feeling really upset, if there was a problem with the system I wondered why the banks had not rectified it  sooner.  The cashier informed me that both major banks had been having issues with the card machine all day.  Some transactions with the cards were successful while others were not. Instead of issuing the approval, the message on the machine said to call the bank.  The lines were busy however and most customers were forced to find the cash to pay for their purchases.

I held my breath anxiously but I was one of the fortunate ones and my transaction was approved but I still had a problem I needed cash.  As I passed the same ATM machine that had previously been out of money I saw that there was a line again so it seemed as if the issue had been sorted out.

So my issue is can consumers get some extra support at the end of the month to ensure that they can have easy access to their cash?

What’s your take? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

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