The Cost of Free Health Care!

Author : teriann

I recently went to a public hospital to visit a friend.  This was not my first visit so I was aware of the state of public hospitals, however some things struck me on this visit.

Bad Mood

Firstly the demeanor of everyone seemed to waver between being upset and downright miserable.  The workers who ranged from porters, security guards to nurses all seemed very angry as indicated by their aggressive manner towards both patients and visitors.

Now I am not a psychiatrist but it seems to me that sick people should be in a generally uplifting environment.

The guard who indicated that visiting time was over shouted loudly as if we were all deaf.  I wondered why a simple announcement could not have been made and that they should only resort to shouts as a last resort.

Hygiene issues

I asked to use to bathroom and although it had running water, there was no soap or tissue available.  I left without using it but I thought of the many persons who had used the bathroom and left without washing their hands.

What kind of germs could they spread to people who were already in a vulnerable state?

I am aware that the public hospitals have less funds available but it seems that after a visit to a public hospital you could easily become a patient yourself! So my advice is to avoid the bathrooms where possible!


The cost of health care is a sensitive topic.  Some claim that free health care is the only way to provide medical treatment to those who can not afford to pay.  The system works when it saves lives that would otherwise have been lost.

Of course there is a burden on the system, so often patients have to buy their own medical supplies which includes such items as pads placed under sheets.  Patients benefit from not having to pay for expensive procedures but they face waiting a long time if they do not have an emergency and overcrowding can result in even more delays for treatment.

So what’s the real cost of ‘free’ health care?

Leave me a line or two and tell me your take on the issue!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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4 Responses to “The Cost of Free Health Care!”

  1. Jerry says:

    Ever so often we hear of our politicians being overseas getting treatment. They should get first hand experience of what we are getting here. Such a shame.

  2. teriann says:

    Hello Jerry,
    Thanks for sharing your opinion. Wouldn’t be nice if the playing field was level? Keep visiting and sharing!

    Teri Ann

  3. Terry says:

    Good day….Terry Ann;

    In my humble submission I belief the ‘real’ costs of health care in public hospital amounts to who can afford to pay from their pockets versus who has health benefits available thru an employer’s health benefit coverage.

    Secondly, the health system is already broken in itself and needs a lot of care before it is able to offer care to the wider public.

    Thirdly, it’s gonna take a whole lot of will power and determination from the major stakeholders in order to turn this ship around. It’s doable but it’s gonna take a whole lot of work and lots, and lots of mulah!



  4. teriann says:

    Hi Terry,
    Nice to hear from my namesake! I agree our health care needs some work, here’s hoping that further discussions will bring some attention to the issues. Thanks for responding!

    Teri Ann

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