Summer plans that won’t break the bank!

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If you are like me you are already wondering how you will deal with the long, hot days of summer.  The summer can be a great time to relax but how can you enjoy a fabulous summer if you don’t have any money?

Summer on a budget

You don’t need to worry I can outline a fun filled summer without a big budget!

There are several free beaches and rivers around the island. Why not rediscover them with your family and friends? If you are going to drive ask friends to chip in with gas money and food supplies.

It’s important to bring your own food supplies so that you are not tempted to spend money with vendors who are usually around the beach.  Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures!

Enjoy the outdoors

There are many beautiful areas all around the island, free green areas where you can enjoy picnics and relax with family and friends.  A trip to  Devon House in Kingston is free so bring a blanket and enjoy!

Hope Gardens is also another green place that is free and can be used as a spot to chill with friends.

Are you feeling hot but far from the beach?

Well why not create your own ‘water war’? Participants could fill balloons with water and attempt to throw them at others this is a great activity for children and those who are young at heart.

My favourite thing to do is to travel, but if you’re really trying to enjoy summer without spending a lot, opt not to take a big vacation. Wherever you live, there are plenty of activities going on during summer.

If you have the travel bug, then take a day trip instead. Look for places within driving distance that you can spend the day then return home.

Have a cook out

Although having a party might seem expensive, if every guest brings a dish it can be manageable. It would be good if you used fruits in season to create a refreshing fruit punch rather than buying expensive artificially sweetened drinks.

It’s a fun way to relax since your friends will enjoy the opportunity to relax and perhaps play a round or two of dominoes.

So how are you planning to spend your summer?

Whatever you do I hope you remember to keep on target with your budget!

Drop me a line to tell me how you save during the summer!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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