Fidget Spinners- a silly new craze or delightful toy?

Author : teriann

Do you know people who hate sitting still?  They are the ones always rocking while they wait in a line or tapping their pen at their desk.  They often can prove to be annoying as it seems they just can’t stop moving even for a minute.

Well if you do know people like that maybe I have found the perfect gift.  It is a fidget spinner!

A new toy on the market

Catherine Hettinger was the original inventor of the popular toy but since 2005, anyone else can manufacture it since the patent had expired. According to Hettinger, the toy  started as a way of promoting peace.

What is a fidget spinner?

The modern version of the device is made out of metal or plastic and has a bearing in the middle that allows it to be spun. Some of the products have prongs on them, while others are circular.

The spinners are intended to calm nerves and help with stress and anxiety. They come in a variety of colours and some even light up in the dark. There are entire websites dedicated to finding you the perfect fidget spinner. They are so many colours and shapes to choose from but what is even more fascinating are the claims being made about the toy.

One website proclaims that fidget spinners ‘help people who have trouble with focusing or fidgeting (such as those with ADHD, autism, or anxiety) by acting as a release mechanism for nervous energy or psychological stress’.

It further claimed that consumers who purchase the fidget spinner will become more flexible and it increases concentration any time on the go, whether you’re at home, at school, or at the workplace.

Are the claims true?

Well I bought one and decided to try it out. It costs $1000.00, so already I was not feeling less stressed but I still decided to give it a spin. After spinning it for a few minutes, I realized the allure of the toy. It delivers on what it says, I found that spinning while doing something else encouraged me to feel more focused on the task.

I could easily discern that someone who was very energetic would enjoy having something to play with when they were forced to sit still for long periods of time. It has even crept into schools as some students bring them to school to show off the latest model.

I am sure teachers might need to  confiscate them if they are used in class as no doubt they would prove to be a distraction from the lesson.

So do I think it is an interesting fad or a waste of money?

Hold on I am still spinning my fidget spinner as I think about the answer to that question.

What’s your take on it?  Leave a line below and share your views!

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