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Whenever I see pictures of pristine white beaches against the beautiful backdrop of a shoreline littered with trees and a hammock gently swinging in the distance, I sigh with contentment as I imagine myself there enjoying it all.

Of course that’s a dream, reality usually intrudes as I face whatever task I am doing far away from the beach which is my favourite retreat.  Beach trips are very easy to arrange since we live on an island, however my fantasy vacation includes staying on the beach for at least two weeks while enjoying entertainment, five star cuisine and luxury accommodations.


The kind of vacation that I would really like is of course way off from my budget.  Staying at an all inclusive hotel on the North Coast of the island can be the equivalent of several months utility bills/food bills/rent or mortgage.

In fact a lengthy stay at the more upscale resorts can leave most consumers in the cold as the costs are insurmountable. Consider that the price range of securing a room at hotels between $50,000 – $100,000 per night for double occupancy and it becomes obvious why most opt to stay with family and friends instead of forking out that hefty price tag.

If you are willing to compromise on some of the amenities, there is the possibility of using guest houses which cost less. These guest houses sometimes provide a continental breakfast or have a restaurant on site to prepare meals if needed.

The cost varies but it is possible to book guest houses for as low as $5,000 per night depending on the area that you are interested in staying and the season.

Saving money!

If you have your heart set on a fabulous vacation but your budget is not very much there are some things that you can do within your budget. For instance, check out local rates as hotels offer lower rates to residents than tourists.

The other thing to consider is to book your vacation in the off season, this is generally  mid April to mid-December as discounts are offered so that hotels can fill rooms.

I have found that going on vacations in groups can also save money.  Not only can you carpool so that saves gas but the actual cost for accommodations is usually reduced. Most hotels offer group rates or if you are staying at a guest house then you can split the cost of the rooms and food to make it more affordable.

So are you planning a local vacation with family or friends? How will you save money? Let me hear from you! Drop me a line below.

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

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