Big Sales or Big Problems?

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The signs are very attractive. They seem to shout at consumers as they pass by that if they miss this deal they will regret it.  I must admit I have been drawn into more than one stores with the promise of a deal. But are there really good sales or just lead to problems for your budget?

Well consumers have to be aware of the pitfalls associated with these sales so as to make smart decisions.

Sales tactics

There are a number of techniques that store managers use to encourage consumers to shop in their store. One of these is the ever popular statement that consumers can purchase the item at up to 50% off the original cost.

The problem with the 50% discount though is that often the item that you want is not on the rack. The other part of that offer is that since they state that it’s up to half off but some items might only attract a 20% or less discount.  This means that often consumers who expect to save a lot end up still spending too much on items that they might not even need.

Buy Now! Before it’s too late!

Another technique is to state the sale is for only a few days.  This suggests to the consumers that if they don’t take advantage of these deals, they will never get another chance. The problem with this statement is that in most cases the stock is still there even weeks after the sale has ended.

Before you rush and buy, it’s better to do a price comparison to ensure that you are getting the best price. More than likely it will be there when you return. In some cases you might have to make a quick decision but always have a way to protect yourself so ask about the store’s return policy.

Buy one, Get One

A favourite of stores is also to use the ‘buy one get one’ technique to encourage consumers to buy their products.  There are some people though who are not aware that their signs can be misleading.  In one store who had that sign prominently displayed the clerk was unsure if the sign meant that consumers could buy one item and get another item for free or half the price.

There is also the fact that if one item is going to be reduced it is usually the more expensive item that the consumer will pay full price and the cheaper item will be discounted.

Consumers also have to be careful that they don’t end up buying items that they don’t need in order to benefit from a reduced price.

So how do you view those big sales? Let me hear from you!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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