House Woes – Spending a little but gaining a lot!

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One day at the hair salon I picked up one of those generic  glossy magazines and as I thumbed through the pages one image stuck out in my mind. The image was of a beautifully decorated home with decor details that made each room unique and amazing.

As I stared at the image, a realization slowly came over me. I had always thought that there was no way my house would ever look as well decorated as the ones in magazines but maybe with some proper planning and slight adjustments it was possible.

Budget Concerns

Of course the very first concern I had was how I would be able to afford such expensive modifications of my home. However if you really want something then you need to ensure that you do what is necessary to secure it.

I suggest putting aside a little each week. Place it in a container and label it ‘Home Improvement Fund’. If you see it growing week by week it will encourage you to continue to save.


After identifying the funds  that are required the next step was deciding in which areas I wanted to change the decor. After talking to a few persons and doing my own research online, I found that the two rooms in the house that adds the most value to any home are the kitchen and the bathroom.

I agree that those rooms are important but I do think that landscaping makes any home owner feel more comfortable in their home.

Regardless of which area in your house that you feel needs the most improvement remember that every decision come with a price tag. Therefore it is important to choose wisely.

If for example you are thinking of renovating the kitchen, be prepared to spend at least $80,000 and that is at the relatively low end.  It all depends on the type of materials that you use. I called a few hardware stores and the cheapest alternatives are to use granite tiles instead of slabs of granite. Small changes such as changing knobs on cupboards or a new paint job can go a far way to improving your kitchen.

A new coat of paint can also revitalize bedrooms and exterior walls.

So after you have scoured the Internet for inspiration, check out the Classifieds in The Gleaner as persons are always advertising used items for sale. Instead of buying new furniture, old items can be reupholstered.  This means that you can save money while still improving the decor of your home.

What do you do to ensure that you improve your home without breaking the budget? Drop me a line.

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online writer

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