Car Repairs on a budget

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Are you a driver?

Well if you travel on our Jamaican roads, your car certainly will need some extra attention from time to time.

The worst part is my car seems to have gone on some kind of strike in protest of the conditions under which I had to drive. It has been making some awful sounds and I know it means another trip to the mechanic.

Costly Repairs

The last time I went for car repairs I spent a great deal more than I really had budgeted for that month. Repairs can cost a lot and the final cost is dependent on the cost of the parts needed for the repair as well as the labour.

I know that I am not the only one who wants to save money and still have car repairs done. Here are a few tips to help save.

Get Friendly help/advice

Do you have friends who are very good at fixing cars? They might even have knowledge of how to maintain your vehicle so that there is less need for several visits to the mechanic.

I have also experienced the good Samaritans who despite being strangers have stopped and given advice when they see or hear that you are having difficulties with your car.

Of course not every advice is accurate but it’s a good start as it’s free you can take it under consideration as you decide on which repairs are most important. If you are inclined yourself you might also try a hand at doing minor repairs yourself by following the suggestions of your friends.


Regular maintenance of your vehicle can also assist in  lowering cost of repairs.  If you can get the problem resolved quickly there is a less likelihood that it will be expensive.  Often it is when the problem is ignored and allowed to affect the vehicle significantly that repairs can be more costly.

Scheduled maintenance can also pay off in the long run as costs can be gradually absorbed over a period of time instead of having to find a huge sum of money at once.

Labour and Materials

There are some cases where the car owner is faced with a huge repair bill despite having maintained his vehicle. In those cases, how can you save money?

Well the cost of labour often can be a huge deterrent. If you build a good relationship with your mechanic, it can substantially reduce the labour cost especially is he is willing to offer a discount or a payment plan.

The cost of materials might be a little more fixed, however there are ways to reduce cost. Consider buying used parts instead of new and some mechanics might be able to source these parts as well as some auto stores.

If you follow these tips, you will save money on car repairs! Let me hear from you! How do you save money?

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

Gleaner online Writer

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