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So how do you know that the year is ending? Well there are lots of signs, the weather changes and consumers are encouraged to shop! It seems as if everyone looks forward to the new year especially merchants who want to end the year on a high note.

Another key way to encourage consumers to try new products or retain loyalty is to have fairs. These fairs often have several sponsors and they set up outside or inside a selected venue giving samples and promoting various products.

Often members of the media are there to document the event and they waste no time in interviewing persons and asking them for feedback of the days events.

Have you been to any fairs recently?

Wellness Fair

On November 9, 2019 there was a health and wellness fair held on the parking lot of MegaMart located on Waterloo Road Kingston. The fair was touted as an event where patrons could enjoy free health screenings while enjoying other activities.

Among the free blood pressure checks, nutrition and weight management advice, consumers were able to go to booths and enjoy free samples and discounted items.

The entrance to the event was free and several sponsors were in booths while the music blared out from the speakers strategically located around the venue.

In order to encourage consumers to visit the booths, they were issued with a ‘passport’ which was a paper which listed all the sponsors. The paper was taken to selected booths and they were signed or given a sticker to indicate that the person had been visited. All in all both young and old enjoyed the free samples of pasta, mackerel and various drinks as well as the clown who paraded around in full costume.

Antique Fair

There was another type of fair at the Antique and Collectibles held on November 9-10, 2019 on the grounds of The Campion College’s auditorium. This fair charged an entrance fee of $400 for adults but children were free.

It was an experience at this fair as there were so many things to feast the eyes as you moved from one display to another. The persons who were showcasing their art or designs were more than eager to explain the process by which they made their unique pieces. Other displays had items which were reminders of the past which was very intriguing.

Was it worth it?

Well this is only my opinion of course both I thought that both fairs were worth it for different reasons. I enjoyed the free entry, samples of various food items and free health checks. There was a lengthy wait for the checks but there was a lot of things to keep you occupied while you waited.

The other fair might not have been free nor had any samples but prices for some of the items were very affordable. If you were looking for unique gift items then that was the fair that you definitely needed to visit. Some items were very expensive of course but there was enough to choose from that you could find something within your budget.

So fairs can be a fun and affordable way to either find gifts or get health checks and enjoy the day with family. Have you been to any fairs recently? Let me hear from you!

Display of items at the antique Fair- copyright 2019 T. Paisley

Items for sale - copyright 2019 T. Paisley

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