7 things you should never do in a restaurant!

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It might be a while before we get back to total normalcy within the food industry since the Covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of disruptions. Most restaurants have coped during the pandemic by developing delivery or pick up options  for their customers, but like many others, I enjoyed the experience of dining inside the restaurant. I am most definitely looking forward to doing so again once again. When eating at restaurants there are several reminders to bear in mind so that you will enjoy your visit. Here are a few tips:

1. Don’t be disrespectful to staff

Being disrespectful to staff should be an obvious tip but disrespect comes in various forms. What I have noticed is that the common courtesy of saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ seem to be missing. This is especially true when servers present the meal or assist diners.

Often persons who work in the restaurant sector make minimum wage so it is important to treat them with kindness. Another factor to note is that while if you are not satisfied with your meal then you have the right to bring it to the attention of your server, it is never a good idea to send food back to the kitchen too many times. You might  run the risk of getting an unwanted ‘added ingredient’ in your meal.  So remember you can complain but don’t do so with a scornful tone.

2. Don’t show up right before the kitchen closes

Plan properly  so that you don’t go to the restaurant too late.  They might not turn you away but you will make everyone’s job more difficult. The last thing you need is staff upset that they have to stay late to clean up because of your late arrival. The kitchen has likely already entered clean-up mode, and the servers have begun counting money. These are telltale signs you should keep moving.

3. Don’t lose control of the children

This is a touchy subject, but if your children are not well behaved enough to sit and eat in a restaurant maybe leave them at home.  That might sound harsh but I am not advocating that children should be perfect ‘angels’ just show a modicum of control of them in public. There are some age groups that are especially hard to control so maybe do some practice runs before they try it in public.  Also there a number of restaurants are family friendly and they  cater to children by providing kid friendly menu options and activities to keep them occupied.

4. Don’t be stingy on the tip

If your server was great, let your tip reflect that and bear in mind that a well tipped server will likely remember you and give even better service the next time that you visit.

5. Don’t split the bill after you get the check

If servers know beforehand that the bill will be split several ways , they can keep separate checks going. This makes it a lot easier than trying to use several credit cards to pay one bill.

6. Don’t snap your fingers

I am just going to leave this right here. Just stop! If you need a waiter’s attention try maintaining  eye contact with them or subtly calling them over to your table.

7. Don’t order food and then refuse to pay

Sometimes a dish on a menu does not live up to your expectations. However if you ordered it, proceeded to eat it then complain, and refuse to pay for it, that can make things difficult for the servers. So if you ordered an item and have to send it back do so immediately. Don’t wait until you have eaten the entire meal and then decide it was inferior. It’s all about complaining with dignity.

So what tip did you appreciate the most? Let me hear from you! Drop a line below!

Teri Ann Renee Paisley

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4 Responses to “7 things you should never do in a restaurant!”

  1. Adrian Levy says:

    I disagree with #7

    If I order a meal which turns out to be under-cooked/ill-prepared (even if the discovery is made after sampling such dish) I refuse to pay for that portion.

    Don’t offer to replace it either because I’ve probably lost my appetite by then.

  2. Claudette Kenlock says:

    I agree with #1. If staff is treated with utmost respect from arrival, then I believe they will be more inclined to assist with any issues which may arise during the course of the meal; even if its not service related or the fault of the restaurant

    #4 is also a good suggestion, although this is dependent on the individual “strength of pocket” of each diner and ofcourse the level of service received.. If the service is exceptional it should certainly be acknowledged, both in tips and in guest comment.

  3. teriann says:

    Hey Claudette,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! Yes respect is always important! Keep visiting and sharing your thoughts.

    Teri Ann

  4. teriann says:

    Hey Adrian,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep visiting the site!

    Teri Ann

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