A Dangerous Journey – What can be done to safeguard those who use public transportation?

Author : teriann

I recognized most of what Gleaner reporter Mel Cooke described in his report of his experiences on public transportation.  It was these experiences that forced me to overcome my fear of driving as I could not bear any more death defying trips with robot taxis or the aptly named ‘coaster’ buses. 

To the uninitiated, a ride on these modes of transportation can end your life.  They drive at breakneck speeds and endanger everyone, including pedestrians and other drivers.

So why not take the J.U.T.C. buses? They do drive at slower speeds.  However, it is that very aspect that encourages people to risk their lives as everyone wants to cut the time spent waiting in traffic.  The taxis and coaster buses also go off route on side roads which can shave a few minutes off the normal travelling time.  

How can consumers protect themselves?  It might mean taking the ‘slower’ buses. After all its better to arrive late than not to arrive at all. What do you think about the state of public transportation?

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 Teri Ann Renee Paisley (Gleaner on-line writer)

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4 Responses to “A Dangerous Journey – What can be done to safeguard those who use public transportation?”

  1. Jo Bent says:

    Just kill all who is found with an illegal gun, dons, extortionists and who supports them.
    Spot check by police on all public transportation, empower ppl by giving these goons a mandatory sentence,encouring the citizens to speak up & cut down on intimidation in our midst. I say draconian laws R needed here.

  2. Bob says:

    Its a very difficult situation. one thing that could be done is to have metal detector system set up at the doors of those public passenger vehicles just like the ones that are set up at stores entrances. that would be dedicated to detecting guns and knives and icepicks.

    But again any security system is as good as those who operate them!.

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  4. Pamela says:

    JUTC buses are the way to go. It is safer, cooler, and orderly. I remember the days when I used to take the public transport system coaster buses, robot taxis — when I think of it, I am amazed we survived. Standing on bus steps, being squashed in like sardines, I have a better understanding of the slave ships that took our ancestors to this island of Jamaica. Now with the JUTC buses, imagine in my lifetime,AC on the bus, few people standing. Great relief. Security cameras, and as one writer suggested a security alarm that alerts you when someone comes on the buses with a weapon. I am happy to travel on the JUTC buses and I encourage everyone to take it.

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