Are our children safe? (Part 1)

Author : teriann

Recent reports of several tragic deaths of children have deeply affected the consciousness of an entire nation. 

Although I am also shocked and saddened at their untimely deaths, I am angered by our inability to protect our children.

I don’t like to judge others but it seems pretty clear that in some cases the tragedy could have been averted if the adults involved had made different choices.  Children are not ‘mini’ adults and should not be treated as if they can make wise decisions about their own safety. 

Toddlers as young as two have been left alone in their homes by their parents. I believe this is widely practiced in Jamaica and is one of the main sources of the problem.

This is unacceptable, as a nation we must protect our children.  So how can we protect them?  I have a few suggestions but let me hear from you.

 What do you think we can do to safeguard our children? 

Should parents be prosecuted for negligence if they leave their minor children unattended? 

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 Teri Ann Renee Paisley (Gleaner on-line writer)

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5 Responses to “Are our children safe? (Part 1)”

  1. MommyGee says:

    Parents should absolutely be prosecuted. What’s this thing we have with leaving 2 and 3 year olds alone at home and going “to the shop”. Aren’t children portable? If it isn’t feasible for parents to be charged and incarcerated (eg single parents), then they should be fined and forced to take parenting classes. If the authorities continue to look the other way when these things happen, then these tragedies will continue. Behaviours only change when there are consequences.

  2. Dung Chafins says:

    Helpful information. Thank you. I will have to give it to others.

  3. teriann says:

    Parenting classes are a good idea, some mothers seem to not know the dangers they expose their young children when they are left alone at home.

  4. While this subject can be very touchy for most people, my opinion is that there has to be a middle or common ground that we all can find. I do appreciate that youve added relevant and intelligent commentary here though. Thank you! In fact, they still do work.

  5. teriann says:

    Thanks Ronnie for those kind words.

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