Jamaica – A tourist’s paradise?

October 26th, 2010

For the fifth year in a row Jamaica copped the top prize as the leading Caribbean destination.  Well that’s great news.  I guess I am a bit confused though, just how are we capitalising on our awards?                I suppose what confuses me is that if we are so great how come so many people live below the [...]


Caricom- A way to financial success for the Caribbean?

July 9th, 2010

There are many who are skeptical of any real progress to be made at the Caricom heads of government conference recently concluded in Montego Bay.  It is easy to see why, as most of the previous grand plans that they have put forward in the past have since still not been implemented.  However, optimistic soul [...]


Would the cooperation of CARICOM countries help to improve and stabilise their economies?

June 5th, 2009

With the introduction of the CARICOM Single Market, most Caricom countries are reluctant to cooperate with the agreements of trade within the Caribbean. Do you think a tightening of relations between Caribbean countries can help  to improve their economies and make commodities more affordable?