Caricom- A way to financial success for the Caribbean?

Author : teriann

There are many who are skeptical of any real progress to be made at the Caricom heads of government conference recently concluded in Montego Bay.  It is easy to see why, as most of the previous grand plans that they have put forward in the past have since still not been implemented.

 However, optimistic soul that I am, I do think that unity among Caribbean nations could result in success.  That being said, there needs to be affirmative action to back up the ‘pretty’ speeches.  They need to start implementing their plans soon so as not to be viewed as a ‘toothless’ lion.  Do you think the Caricom heads of government conference will be effective in finding solutions to the problems affecting the region?

Teri Ann Renee Paisley (gleaner on-line writer)

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24 Responses to “Caricom- A way to financial success for the Caribbean?”

  1. adrian ifill says:

    Donor nations would prefer a strong Caricom but Caricom nations would prefer a weak Caricom. The racial politics in Trindad and Tobago and Guyana pose a serious threat to any Caricom. However, Caricom has failed to address racial politics, which is an unspoken barrier. Witness Trinidad’s new government and its cuddling of Guyana while withdawing support for Caricom. Action speaks where words cannot.

  2. I like your post & I will always be coming frequently to read more of your post. Thank you very much for your post once more.

  3. teriann says:

    Thanks, let’s all think positive thoughts!

  4. Bob says:

    I believe the fact that Jamaica has been seen as the leader in the Caribbean. its why some other Caribbean countries are not so keen on having a viable CARICOM !.. TRINIDAD HAVE OIL and it see it self as the one who should be the leader .this is why we black nation will forever be used by our white counterparts.
    We need to Have final vote with all the nation of the Caribbean so we know who want to stay in and who want to go!. and then we go from there!.

  5. Uforatie says:

    I want to remind contributor, Bob, that Jamaica is not the leader of the Caribbean. Trinidad is. And they will not miss an opportunity to rub it in Jamaica’s face and remind the world of that fact.

    It’s not just the oil that Trinidad has. If you look at the way Trinidadians manage their affairs compared to the way Jamaicans do, you will see that they tend to exhibit better managerial and leadership skills. From the government right down to the man in the street.

    I am very pessimistic about the future of Caricom. You see, the ultimate goal of Caricom is Caribbean unity, not very different from the West Indies Federation of the late 1950′s. Jamaica started the destruction of the WI Federation. Trinidad has never forgiven Jamaica for this. So any union that will benefit Jamaica will not succeed. Trinidad will see to that.

    And who can blame Trinidad? During the time of the Federation, Jamaica was arguably the richest and most advanced of all the members. Jamaica was against helping the other less well-off territories, so they broke away from the Federation and precipitated its destruction. Now that the table has turned and Jamaica has become the poorest of all these nations, do you really expect Trinidad and others to be eager to accept the burden of Jamaica?

    I hope I am wrong, but in my opinion Caricom will not progress much further than where it is right now.

  6. e cigs says:

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  7. teriann says:

    All of these comments certainly provide food for thought. Let’s hope along with the discussion comes a real desire for change!

  8. jo bent says:

    The United States of Caricom LOL LOL everybody wants to one up on each other except a few
    good souls, even the citizens dont want this; sorry but Caricom folks are like crabs in a bucket. T & T have carried a hatred towards JA from a long time, they now bask in the glory of being able to buy up Ja. with their dollar being stronger, now we see them grapple with kidnapping and crimes like we do, not to mention the overwhelming problems of HIV on that island, Guyana and St Vincent,Antigua, St Martin,Barbuda. Cuba, Dominican Republic.
    Bahamas and a few others who are GENUIBE friends to JA suffer the same we do with unemployment and crime, Honestly no one wants to take on the others problems, no one wants our criminals, neither do we want theirs or diseases. So maybe this free movement and ideas
    should be quashed, Jamaica is bad-mouthed by Cayman, St Kitts Barbados and a few others; I think we can do business, mind our own business and stay home, Bruce Golding may have made big blunders and mistakes but it shows those who are against us as a country, along with the un-patriotic PNP The message in the caribbean is take my problems I dont want yours.One thing I would agree to in caricom
    countries is to deny passports to habitual
    criminals in your countries who are menaces to sociery. This Caricom thing is a good thought but lets all reign in our own sores first.
    Ja know them friend different from them enemy

  9. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  10. LadyJA says:

    Uforatie thanks for a good overall summary.
    But let me say here that this dream “union” that we are intent on chasing will remain elusive because we are not thinkers. We act then think; while the others think then act.

    For starters lets see what we can learn from history. Bosnia, Slovakia and Croatia were a union called Yugoslavia – and look what happened there. Prior to this, other examples of “union” within Europe have similarly ended disastrously in war. Even now I can tell you the european union is not the raving success that some would like you to think that it is. If Britons get the opportunity to vote in a referendum on staying in/out of the EU, it is guaranteed that the nation will vote to get out. Britons have seen all their rights/laws chipped away by this bereaucratic monster of a gravy train ridden by a few, and only beneficial to those who dont contribute to the financial burden it has become.

    All we need is a few good men/women who are Jamaican to the core (middle passage), with no dual passports, bank accounts or other homes in another country. Jamaica as it stands right now is a broken society and no one is going to come and help us to fix it. So forget CARICOM and concentrate on JAMAICA.

    We dont need another 38 years of this monkey on our back dragging us down. We are already indebted to just about everyone, from T&T, USA/IMF, multi-national investors, and now China. At this rate we are going to be enslaved for another 400 years, though not in irons this time. What a legacy to leave for our great, great, great grandchildren.

  11. delroy 4 says:

    i uforatie, i think you’re very pessimistic about your self. and not the caricom countries its dos not matter who is the leader of this caricom,we must put our differences aside and move on because this is the way forward for the Caribbean people.look at EUOPEAN NATION they all have their differences with each other but they did it collectively to go forward.we must do the same if we need to compete with the word market to so-vied.

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  13. joe lynn says:

    hhhh..this yah horse been out of the barn long ago,smaller islands too licky licky…most never fought for freedoms,would still be slaves if time had stood still..CARICOM is a waste of time,soon as cuba gets the embargo lifted and get the sense to start elections,hopefully jamaica try to form something with cuba and the bahama islands..thats the only thing that make sense for jamaica and the carribbean..the smaller islands along with trinidad with its oil[soon will run out]…are not as i said capable of forming anything worth while..jamaica is still the master,give it a little more time,to come back..[these other places remind me of forcefit boys trying to be men and trying to do men things…

  14. Democrat says:

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  15. Myq says:

    CARICOM- Caribbean Community… this does not equate to Caribbean unity. It is backwards thinking similar to one posted denouncing Jamaica’s role in the creation, preservation and implementation of CARICOM. Jamaica nor Trinidad are the current leaders of the Caribbean- in terms of economic success. Soory, my brethren, that title has belonged to Barbados for sometime. Jamaica has the size, population and an abundance of natural resources. Trinindad has the infrastructure, petroleum and diversity. You can put Jamaica and Trinidad economies together and the combination does not compare to the fiscal steadfastness of the Bajans. Now with that being said, as a Jamaican-American, I have been able to maintain the “outside looking in position.” One would think that with the current roster of Caribbean leaders, we would realise our aspirations set forth decades ago per CARICOM’s doctrine. Each and every member state, including Haiti has something or another which will enrich the entire Caribbean community. Use the Bajan economic model, capitalize on Trinidadian leadership, assist Jamaica in tackling the current crime issue and in divesting the nations natural resources. These are just small examples as to better serve the entire Caribbean community. Now if we remain fixated on the past Federation (1950 how-long?… please let it go, because IT IS GONE!) then as a Caribbean people we will forever speak of what has not come to frutation. Together we aspire, together we achieve. Out of many, one people… One aim, one destiny- who are these mottos referencing: Trinidadians, Jamaicans, and Guyanese… NO… these mottos represent the people of the Caribbean. These nations are interdependent amongst one another. There is not one which is overall better than the other. Mimick the pieces that work in one nation and bring that to the CARICOM table. Eradicate any legislation or policy which has become irrelevant or redundant for a progressive people. Move CARICOM forward now. The Federation is the past. CARICOM- is it the future, or is it retoric? If a market woman with a grade 8 education can migrate from her tiny island only to realise her big dreams- then what is to be said of the educated leaders of the greater Caribbean. Sounds as if you may want to contact the under-educated market woman- she may have an idea as well since our leaders can not resolve to a conclusion as to where CARICOM is headed. Surely can agree that if something is not done soon, CARICOM will become the modern day FEDERATION. And if that were to happen, it will not be the end of the world. It just means that we as Caribbean people try and try again. Our children and nations future depends on a successful Caribbean community where unity is the focus.

  16. teriann says:

    I like the fact that everyone has such strong opinions on the subject. Let’s hope that our continued discussion can help our leaders see a way forward for the Caribbean.

  17. Kids bedding says:

    They’ve been talking about this for years, for as long as I can remember, there is really not political desire or will to strenghten CARICOM…absolutely none.

  18. peter says:

    black people will never unite; caribbean nor Africa

  19. teriann says:

    Well Peter I think that’s a very broad statement that does not cover the behaviour of all black people.

  20. jo bent says:

    We need to get on with the business of creating
    a new Ja, with new mandatory laws, social programs, end of corruption in politics and our
    security forces. Hopefully there will be more
    extraditions and some of the mess get sorted out. If we continue to lay laY (AS THE SLANG GOES) T&T may next try to buy JAMAICA and rule us. Forget about Caricom Mr Golding and focus on making a positive turn, we dont want to keep going around with hats in hands held out
    because the we’ll never know . IS the ATM liberty for us? T&T still uses a large number of out-houses well I Guess…..

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  23. joe lynn says:

    hahahaha,…’trinidad with great management skills’uforate,you are a moron,yes trinidad has oil,which runs out shortly including natural gas…jamaica has run pretty well,without a drop of oil ,that we know of as yet[may get lucky down the road,geology is a funny science]…allways remember jamaica taught these islands to build a simple road ,a house etc..foreign governments want skilled workers or proffessionals,they dont go to trinidad or other islands ,they usually raid jamaica to fill their positions..once you get past high school not many small countries can compare with jamaica and highly educated people…that business of CARICOM,that nonsense should be scrapped,with those smaller island crab in barrell mentality….jamaica need to form a 3 some with the bahama islands and a soon coming free cuba,linked with some countries in south and central one state department official said the other day ,jamaica has everything to succeed,except so far a handle on crime…trinidad with oil has to allways follow jamaicas lead,the jamaican culture is pretty attractive,while most people even right here in the usa ,dont even know trinidad is a country,they think you are talking about ‘trinidad colorado’…better management skills… still laughin

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