Fighting to keep on budget

August 7th, 2017

A lot of people are dreading the start of the new school year. The summer was bad enough with kids home eating everything they could find and running up the light bill as they watched TV or used their electronic devices. There were also the activities such as summer school or camps that parents had [...]


Graduation Ceremonies – Worth the Cost?

June 21st, 2014

A student wears a long gown and cap and solemnly walks up to the platform where he accepts a handshake and a certificate. His parents are ecstatic as they clap enthusiastically and take pictures. The student has just graduated from basic school! I suppose you might have been surprised that even at a young age [...]


Private education – Is it worth the cost?

February 12th, 2014

Recently I wrote about the high cost of attaining a tertiary education in Jamaica.  I however neglected the other expensive sector in education, that is, the exorbitant cost of preparatory schools. The government has provided infant and primary schools which cater to the educational needs of children aged 4 to 11 years old. These schools [...]


The cost of being sick in Jamaica!

January 21st, 2014

It’s flu season and I have a sore throat and a cough so I am already preparing myself for the full onset of the virus which might mean a trip to the doctor. Of course, not everyone visits the doctor for treatment  of minor ailments but what happens if you really get sick? Well, in [...]


Closing down sales – Things are looking up for consumers!

February 16th, 2013

Let’s face it, consumers could really use some good news.  The fact is that going shopping is a daunting task when we are faced with the rising cost of living. Many of us feel the brunt of trying to stretch the dollar as we try to pay all our bills and so make less trips [...]


Gas Prices – How to cope with the increases?

February 2nd, 2013

On my way to work I was greeted by an unusual sight. Alongside the Nelson Mandela highway was a donkey cart being driven by two men. As they jostled along, their faces were not strained and anxious nor did they worry about what it cost for them to fill their ‘tank’. The cart might have [...]