Be Careful of Suspicious Emails!

February 22nd, 2017

I think that I am a fairly intuitive person and I can easily identify when I am being tricked.  So there are some emails that I automatically dismiss. These emails are from persons who I don’t know and they relate long and sad stories about how they need my financial support. They often come from [...]


Do You Know How to Return Goods?

July 17th, 2015

It is the worst case scenario, you bought an item which at the time you thought was perfect, then you examine it at home and suddenly you find a flaw in the garment and you don’t want it anymore. Often shopping is filled with split second decisions and sometimes you succeed and other times you [...]


What is the solution for unruly customers?

August 26th, 2014

I have often used this platform to call out those businesses who provide poor customer service. This is because the motto of every business should be based on the concept that, ‘The customer is always right.’ What though if the customer is wrong? A number of customers show total disregard for the store’s policy or [...]


Should bus fares be increased?

June 21st, 2013

I know this is a topic that a lot of Jamaicans are passionate about and they are always eager to vent their feelings about the local transportation system. Many persons I spoke to lamented the challenges inherent in taking buses, such as long wait times and overcrowded conditions on the buses. They insist that the [...]


World Consumer Rights Day 2013

March 19th, 2013

Teri Ann Renee Paisley, Gleaner Online Writer March 15, 2013 was celebrated in 250 countries as World Consumer Rights Day. The theme for this year was, Consumer Justice Now. I don’t remember paying less for anything I bought that day because that would have been my kind of ‘justice’. This is just wishful thinking as [...]


Hire Purchase – Beneficial or a debt trap for consumers?

December 19th, 2011

As Christmas bells start ringing it ushers the season of buying and shopping.  Often consumers are flooded with images of various items they can buy now and pay for later. Companies often use attractive packages to make these deals appear irresistible and snare the unsuspecting customer.  For example, one furniture company offers a ready discount [...]