Should Consumers be showed more appreciation?

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I know that some businesses try to show their customers appreciation days by offering special promotions.  I wondered though if enough consumers feel as if they are really appreciated. I thought about my own experiences while shopping and I think that more can be done to show genuine appreciation to customers.

Types of Appreciation

Most persons think that appreciation only has to do with giving customers discounted prices.  However there are many ways to show appreciation to consumers.

One of the best ways for businesses to show appreciation is to provide good customer service.  Sometimes if customers don’t make a purchase it is important for them to have a good experience.

Even if the consumer does not purchase anything that day, a positive experience will ensure that the consumer will spread the word of their great experience and this will result in more business.

Sales Persons

Good customer service involves employing and training sales persons to be courteous, attentive and helpful to customers.  Often sales persons underestimate the value of  a genuine smile and pleasant greeting as this can make a customer feel much more comfortable and willing to spend their money in that store.

It is also important for sales persons to show personal interest in customers.  If you are shopping with small children, sales persons often view them as a nuisance, however it is much more effective to offer genuine consideration for their situation.

One such consideration, is for sales persons to allow them to use the staff’s restroom if there are no facilities for customers.


Of course offering reduced prices for selected items is always welcomed by customers. If business operators provide even bundled products this can go a far way in providing customers a feeling of appreciation.

Try to avoid adding hidden fees at the cash register as this really frustrates customers.  I once shopped during a special promotion where a fortunate shopper would receive their groceries for free when they spent over a certain amount of money.

So what’s your take on the issue? Can shoppers be given more appreciation?

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