Rossi Wins 0ne Hundred!

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The residents of Assen(Netherlands) and its environs are very fortunate individuals. They got the opportunity to witness a master at work as he reached a milestone in his career.

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi

Defending MotoGP World Champion Valentino Rossi went to Assen and wasted no time as he snatched the pole position, followed closely by Pedrosa(2nd ) and his teammate Lorenzo(3rd).



Early Leaders

When the race began Pedrosa left his mark like a bullet from a sniper’s rifle and sped to the front. Casey Stoner had a similar plan as he quickly made his way to the front as well. To the naïve observer, it appeared as if Stoner and Pedrosa wanted to dictate the pace of the race. Rossi brought clarity, he would have none of it and as Stoner ran wide, entering one of the turns, Rossi slipped by to lead the race. Rossi, Stoner and Pedrosa were in a three way tie at the top of the leader board in the World Championship and apparently they wanted to share the lead on the track as well.

With Rossi at the front, if the field does not react quickly and stays close, in a lap or two Rossi can create a lead of a couple seconds. Lorenzo knows this and as such he was in a hurry to get next to, or even pass Rossi. With 23 laps remaining, Lorenzo moved to third.

Rossi Dominant

Rossi was still in the lead, comfortable even, punishing the field and the challenge was a prodigious one for Pedrosa. With several rounds remaining in the bout, Pedrosa threw in the towel. With 22 laps remaining, Pedrosa’s front wheel tucked under and he crashed out in embarrassing fashion and bruised his pride.

Lorenzo tried to bring the fight to Rossi as Stoner faded after his electrifying start. Lorenzo did not have the answer to Rossi in Spain and he did not have the answer in Assen. Rossi’s torture chamber commenced operations on lap 3 and he did not look back. Rossi pounded the field mercilessly. He stamped his authority, the message was visible for all with eyes to see, for all with ears to hear – I am the Master until I say I am not! The Doctor was in office but, he was obviously experimenting with a new therapy – PAIN! Rossi was in his element and took the field to med. school all the way to the checkered flag.

In Assen, Rossi at 30 years young stood on the shoulders of the giants before him and rode to win number 100 in his professional career and is now the sole leader of the World Championship.

NB. Next report –Laguna Seca,USA.

Cecil Munroe, Gleaner – Online Writer

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