AE86 Update: Part 2 – Alignment and brake woes.

Author : cmunroe

Once the polyurethane bushings were installed, it was then necessary to check the alignment stand. We are nowhere near race setup, so our primary objective was to ensure that the tyres left a solid ‘footprint’ and the geometry was in no way ‘eating’ the tyres.

At the alignment stand, most things were intact and the suspension pieces we changed were adjusted to ensure that the contact patch desired was obtained.

AE86 on the examination table.

We were taking baby steps, but would you believe that the baby steps were being restricted. In the early stages of the build we had decided that improving the braking ability of the AE86 was not optional. So inorder to accomplish that goal we acquired larger rotors and calipers. The rotors and calipers were installed and in our view we were ‘good to go’!

Apparently what we installed was too good. We had more braking ability than we had bargained for. When the accelerator was applied, the AE86 was going nowhere in a hurry. Then, at times, it would be Mitsubishi Evolution fast, travelling like a bullet and then as if governed by its own thought process, the brakes would be applied and it would slash its own speed, much to the amazement of the now stunned driver! What the hell was the problem?

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