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A charging, scarlet-red Ferrari, being driven by multiple champion Vettel, himself a German and Red Bull machines served a tasty treat for Hamilton. In the late stages of the GP, millions of viewers worldwide were struck by a wizard’s wand. It appeared as if Hamilton was deliberately slowing his pace to allow the chasing machines to smother his team-mate’s title-clinching flame!

For several laps, the palpable, riveting drama unfolded and collided with an unpredictable climax. Bernie and the boys could not have manufactured the grand finale we all witnessed in Abu Dhabi!

Is it true that Mercedes AMG was not willing to allow Hamilton to snatch victory on both fronts ( in the race and the championship)? The message went out.

But, because Hamilton’s deaf ear became active, the message was not deciphered accurately. We gained immensely!


The Vettel, some thought was absent in 2016, torched the pack and positioned himself for a podium finish. Could Red Bull provide the final nail? Hamilton kept his ploy in play but the Red Bull machine faded when it mattered most.

Hamilton won one, but Rosberg won the more important one! But Hamilton, defiant in defeat, gave us a race that had living rooms on fire!

Did we see a fair fight between Nico and Lewis in 2016? That discussion will never end, but, after distributing more donuts than Sugar and Spice Nico leapt from his machine and confirmed what I already knew – Nico Rosberg is the 2016 World Champion!

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