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So, in one country, Valentine’s Day is banned! The government of the day, in the country that abhors Cupid, is overly keen on protecting its citizens from the turmoil which love brings! LOL.

But, in another country, on this same planet, Earth, the government celebrates the arrival of Valentine’s Day and the blissful, sensual, escapades which Cupid infuses into mundane lives.

The government, in the second-mentioned country, sought to pimp Valentine’s Day, in a bid to boost the country’s birth rate! Creative minds at work, seeking to erect firm foundations on which future generations will be built!

Motorsport is our bread and anchor butter and thankfully Cupid has no jurisdiction on the 1320! Jamaicans are like the atmosphere – they insist on being everywhere! I was once told that the Devil has a sign in hell – NO JAMAICANS ALLOWED!

Apparently, the Jamaicans were all expelled when it was discovered that they successfully conceived, built and were selling fire-powered refrigerators and AC units! All this was being done from a black, green and gold-attired, remote enclave – fully air-conditioned, of course! The ‘hot-boss’ was displeased!


The Nissan Skyline GTR is a legend in its own right. Australians have a thrilling tale to tell about its exploits. The tuning industry has millions more. Rivalries stir the competitive pot and we all benefit.

The current edition of the beast ditched the Skyline moniker and now we only speak of the R35 GTR. It is a machine! A formidable beast and it has been reworked and unleashed in psychotic terms by tuners worldwide.

But, would the world be the same without us? No! As fate would have it, Craig and the Lueboyz ┬árep the GTR at Vernamfield and we have seen the glorious mayhem firsthand. We are thankful. But, their machine has not made its mark on the world stage – yet.

Curtis Watson is someone who is well known within drag racing circles – fi him ting dem no normal! Unruly machines – he is known for! So guess what? There was a GTR World Cup in Florida.

And guess whose machine was ripping along the 1320 with the other heavy-hitters from tuning shops far, wide and in between. Jamaica we seh!

We salute you sir and we embrace the accomplishment – caz a fi we own! Yep! Curtis’ machine closed the gap between start and finish in 7 seconds and very little change!

Will we see the machine at Vernamfield? Calling Stephen Gunter. Stephen?



Much love goes out to the Jamaican Tuner crew!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer

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